Heartwarming / The Crucible

The Arthur Miller play

  • In the film version, when Mary is being questioned after she decides to come clean about the whole thing, John Proctor is seen hugging her and comforting her throughout the scene, as if he's saying, "It's alright, you're doing the right thing, everything will be okay."
    • Before that, when she came in from the rain, he helped support her off the ground and clean her off. It really seems that Mary's courage has made him regret his earlier anger-induced abusiveness toward her. It makes what comes next all the more tragic.
  • The Big Damn Kiss at the end between John and Elizabeth right before the former is sent to the gallows. Elizabeth had just confessed to John that her crushingly low self-esteem never permitted her to believe he truly loved her. She will never doubt it again.

The Korean Film

Yes, even this cauldron of human depravity has a few!

  • The scene at the beach. Especially when Yu-ri says "I'd like if you were my father" to In-ho. "And if you were my mother" to Yu-jin.
  • The reaction of the South Korean public. The outpouring of grief and rage in the wake of the film's release prompted a re-investigation of the original sex abuse case and sweeping changes in laws dealing with sex crimes (which were passed in the National Assembly by unanimous vote). As distressing as this film is, the response it generated gives real hope for the victims of abuse, and real hope that they will all someday see justice.
    • Even better is that as of the time of typing, the school was shut down in 2011, the ease reopened and several of the abusers have received the punishments they deserve.