Funny: The Crucible

  • Hale asks John to recite the ten commandments. Guess which one John Proctor forgets. "Adultery, John."
    • In the movie, the look on Goody Proctor's face when she delivers that line is priceless.
    • John also lists the commandment to not covet one's neighbor's goods twice.
  • "I heard she flies!" about Betty Parris repeated by each person who enters her room. At first taken seriously, but by the time Giles Corey says it the entire audience of the theater I was in cracked up.
  • A spoof called "The Crucible in a nutshell".
    "Okay Betty, I want you to tell me in a nice and calming voice who you saw."
    "I saw Goody Goody Two Shoes with the devil."
  • Proctor's deadpan response to Parris saying there could have been poppets hidden in his house
    • The original script has it as "There might also be two golden candlesticks in my house, but no one has ever seen them." Which isn't quite funny, but serves as a meaningful Call Back to his earlier discussion with Hale about Parris.
  • Danforth reacts to hearing that Abigail stole all of Parris' money.
    Danforth: Mr. Parris, you are a brainless man!
    • Funny story, when this troper auditioned for the play, they made the most of this line, grabbing Parris' chin and gently slapping him on the cheek.
  • In the movie, when Mary happily hugs Abigail moments before Proctor says "God is dead". The sheer look of discomfort and confusion on Abigail's face is beyond words' explanation.