* [[http://hueyfreemanonlyspeaksthetruth.tumblr.com/image/43525554570 This strip]], in its own way. Though Huey can be quite nasty to Jazmine in the comics, he also looks out for her in his own way. It's good to see that under his brusque demeanor he's still concerned about her self-image and tries to help her, even if his point does fly right over her head.
* This exchange from the comics, which sums up ''ComicStrip/TheBoondocks'' itself somewhat as well:
--> '''Huey:''' One more spin around the sun. Ain't nothin' changed. Still got trouble on my mind... still got suckas that need to get dealt with.... still in mortal combat with the wicked...
--> '''Caesar:''' Yeah, but... you still got heart, right? Still got your peoples. Still got the fight in you.
--> '''Huey:''' (sigh) You're right Caesar. You're right. [[HeroicResolve It's time to put a foot to the behind of another year.]]
--> '''Caesar:''' Lucky for us I got my foot-to-behind boots on!
* From the strip: Huey has heard a friend back home died and is driven to tears:
-->'''Huey:''' Why couldn't life be like ''StarWars'', where your loved ones can just come back as blue ghosts?
-->'''Caesar:''' Well, we'd have Ewoks and Jar Jar running around. Nobody wants that.
-->'''Huey:''' A small price to pay if you could have your loved ones come back as blue ghosts.

[[folder:Season 1]]
[[AC:The Trial of R. Kelly]]
* After Tom is humiliated in court, Sarah and Jazmine are there to comfort him and remind him he's not such a loser.

[[AC:Guess Hoe's Coming to Dinner]]
* Robert protects Cristal from her pimp Slickback, restraining his hand before he could slap her. Robert then has a final conversation with Cristal, suggesting that she should give up prostitution for an education or a real job. [[spoiler:Unfortunately, Cristal just ends up literally running back to Slickback, not knowing any different lifestyle.]]

[[AC:Granddad's Fight]]
* Huey's narration mentions just what a shitty human being Stinkmeaner was, and how the world is probably better off without him. But, in Huey's own words: "Still, he was our brother". Cut to Robert and the kids having a small funeral service for Stinkmeaner. [[spoiler:Regardless of Stinkmeaner's eventual release from Hell, this was a very touching moment.]]

[[AC:A Huey Freeman Christmas]]
* Ruckus restoring Jazmine's faith in Christmas and Santa Claus.
* Mr. Uberwtiz allows Huey's play to go on as originally planned, even if he got fired for it.

[[AC:Riley Wuz Here]]
* [[spoiler:Riley spray-painted a large portrait of his (grand)parents at their wedding onto the house. Even Granddad cried!]]

* Huey reciting this quote from Creator/KhalilGibran:
-->"Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding. It is the bitter potion by which the physician within you heals your sick-self. Therefore trust the physician, and drink his remedy in silence & tranquility."
* Jazmine's and Huey's reunion at the ending. As well as Granddad putting the "Deez Nutz" jar his friend left him in his will up on the shelf with other pieces of his past.

[[AC:The Block Is Hot]]
* Huey spends the entire episode trying to stop Ed Wuncler I from taking advantage of Jazmine, then at the end he underscores it by handing Jazmine his scarf once it starts snowing; the same one that he's been wearing throughout the whole 90-degree heat wave. The kid might have some {{Jerkass}} tendencies, [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold but let nobody say that he doesn't care about his friends]].

[[AC:The Passion of Reverend Ruckus]]
* Huey goes to extreme lengths just to save one person from death row, only to be thwarted by his own situation and Granddad's apathy. Huey begins to cry and pray for some sort of divine intervention. This is especially poignant since it's the one and only time we see Huey cry and, up to that point, he has been portrayed as an atheist. Even through his hard, mature exterior, Huey is still a kid and never is that clearer than this moment.
-->'''Huey:''' I've never prayed before. I don't even know who I'm praying to. I may be too young to know what the world is supposed to be, but it's not supposed to be this. It can't be this. So please...
* Also, earlier when Huey protests to Granddad to help him break out the death row prisoner, but he decides to go Ruckus' televangelism event. It turns out that Granddad couldn't help Huey only because he wanted to stop Ruckus and talk some sense into him. Despite everything that Ruckus is, and stands for, Granddad still saw it as his responsibility to help him:
-->'''Huey:''' But Granddad, you promised to take me into the prison tonight!
-->'''Granddad:''' Not tonight - someone has to talk some sense into Ruckus.
-->'''Huey:''' But I'm trying to save my friend!
-->'''Granddad:''' Me too.

[[folder:Season 2]]
[[AC:Home Alone]]
* Huey and Riley hugging Granddad after he returns home early.

[[AC:The Story Of Gangstalicious Part 2]]
* After Riley has [[ItMakesSenseInContext (mistakenly) convinced himself that he's gay]] and breaks down into tears, Granddad hugs Riley and comforts him. Riley wasn't actually gay, but it was still quite touching.

[[AC:The Hunger Strike]]
* Huey's and Granddad's exchange at the end.
-->'''Huey:''' Granddad, What do you do when you can't do nothing, but there's nothing you can do?
-->'''Granddad:''' You do what you can.

[[folder:Season 3]]
[[AC:Bitches to Rags]]
* Towards the end of the episode on two instances; Granddad, who dislikes rap music and has antagonized Thugnificent since his debut, finds him passed out on the sidewalk and brings him to his house for hospitality. Then before leaving, Thugnificent, who made a song dedicated to defaming Granddad in Season 2, tells him "Thanks old man. I know I told you to eat a lot of dicks, but you alright with me."

[[AC:The Story of Jimmy Rebel]]
* In which Uncle Ruckus (the self-hating negro) befriends a racist white man and ends up converting him after seeing how other racists treat him.
-->'''Jimmy Rebel:''' You remember when I said we hate the blacks because of their attitudes?
-->'''Uncle Ruckus:''' Yeah.
-->'''Jimmy Rebel:''' Well, I think that's a load of shit. You're just one of us, Ruckus, but they still hate you. And it's not your attitude. It's 'cause you're black. [...] I've made some of the best music of my life with you, Ruckus, and I don't intend to stop.
-->'''Uncle Ruckus:''' Well, if we ain't gonna be singin' 'bout no niggers, what ''are'' we gon' be singin' about?
-->'''Jimmy Rebel:''' There's so many other things to make music about! There's friends, and good times, beer, love, all kinds a' shit!
** Which is followed by [[FunnyMoment the two making a song about hating Mexicans instead]].

[[AC:The Story of Lando Freeman]]
* The ending when Robert greets Lando goodbye. [[spoiler:Not to mention that Lando's real father, the actor Billy Dee Williams, has arrived to meet his son for the first time.]]

[[AC:The Lovely Ebony Brown]]
* The ending of the relationship between Granddad and Ebony Brown. A breakup with good character development.

[[AC:The Fried Chicken Flu]]
* Despite Huey's reputation as the neighborhood's local [[ConspiracyTheorist paranoid kook]], Jazmine says that she trusts him anyways. Huey also decides to amend his emergency plans to let Jazmine stay with his family.
** Later, Huey accepts Jazmine's demand to allow her parents to stay in his house, though he admits it was necessary to keep her from crying again.
* During the climatic road chase scene, [[BigDamnHeroes Thugnificent and Leonard]] show up to ram their UPS van into Betty's militia bus, thus saving the Freeman and Dubois families. Quite remarkable, as earlier Robert had kicked Thugnificent out of the house for trying to sleep with Robert's girlfriend Tina. Also doubles as an AwesomeMoment.
-->'''Thugnificent:''' WOO! Ride on, old man! I love you, Robert! [[EasilyForgiven I'm sorry old nigga]]!

[[AC:The Color Ruckus]]
* Uncle Ruckus' brothers, Darryl and Darrell helping Ruckus dig their grandmother's grave. This is especially heartwarming as it shows that despite Ruckus' terrible upbringing, his brothers and his mother are still nice and respectful to him. And despite his racism and... everything else about him, he's still proud of his black mother and brothers.

[[AC:It's Goin' Down]]
* After three seasons of pretty much ignoring, mocking, and disrespecting him, Granddad and Riley both hug Huey, say how worried they were for him, and then say how proud they were of him. Granddad even says he should have listened to Huey more often.

[[folder:Season 4]]
[[AC:Pretty Boy Flizzy]]
* Tom's and Sarah's reconciliation, especially with Sarah apologizing for bossing around and disrespecting Tom earlier.

* Granddad stepping in during the waterboarding "game" when he sees what it's doing to Huey, and then trying to carry him home. [[AwLookTheyReallyDoLoveEachOther It shows wonderfully that in the end he really does care about his grandsons]].

[[AC:Stinkmeaner: Begun the Clone War Has]]
* At the end of Robert's one-sided fight against the Stinkmeaner clone, with the latter beaten to a pulp and left at the former's mercy, Robert decides to spare Stinkmeaner's life and make peace with him, instead of killing him again and perpetuating the vicious cycle of Nigga Moments.
** Although Robert and Stinkmeaner don't become friends (Stinkmeaner is still fairly annoying), at least they aren't really enemies either anymore.