Heartwarming / The Amazing Atheist

  • Paying tribute to his deceased father.
  • His video addressing why he got married. Can veer into Tearjerker territory for some.
  • Kissing Your Ass, in which TJ thanks the fans that have stuck by him through his best and worst periods for giving him a place where he finally feels like he can belong. Also ends on a Crowning Moment of Funny when he literally tells the members of his audience to press their bare posteriors to the screen, kisses his camera lens, then gets a disgusted look on his face and says "You need to learn to wipe better".
  • The story of how he and his wife Holly first met, as told by her. Also qualifies as a Crowning Moment of Awesome for her.
  • After creating this video, TJ received severe backlash from a popular review channel, Razorfist, who made a tweet featured in TJ's video. Razorfist made this rant in response, rebutting TJ. TJ's response? Settle it amicably like a grown man and feature him on a podcast shortly afterwards. Shows how much, despite his brutal honesty, how is TJ willing to admit when he is wrong and take it like a mature person.
  • TJ created the video Anita Sarkeesian's Greed VS. Your Charity and Compassion where he calls out Anita Sarkeesian on how she started a fund raiser for her next video series (despite not having finished the previous one for almost 3 years) of 200,000 dollars. TJ then started his own fund raiser, also with a goal of 200,000 dollars, which will in its entirety go to charity to actually help women in 3rd World Countries. Despite that fund raiser getting no media coverage whatsoever (compared to Anita Sarkeesian's, which got massive coverage), it gained so much momentum in record time that it overtook Anita's fund raiser almost immediatly.
  • During a video criticizing Steve Shives, he notes that Steve really doesn't like how he calls himself the Amazing Atheist, prompting him to reveal why he decided to call himself that in the first place. He says that he chose the name because he wanted to show other atheists that they shouldn't have to feel shame for rejecting religion, and they could still be amazing people despite what others might say about them.