Heartwarming: The Amazing Atheist

  • Paying tribute to his deceased father.
  • His video addressing why he got married. Can veer into Tearjerker territory for some.
  • Kissing Your Ass, in which TJ thanks the fans that have stuck by him through his best and worst periods for giving him a place where he finally feels like he can belong. Also ends on a Crowning Moment of Funny when he literally tells the members of his audience to press their bare posteriors to the screen, kisses his camera lens, then gets a disgusted look on his face and says "You need to learn to wipe better".
  • The story of how he and his wife Holly first met, as told by her. Also qualifies as a Crowning Moment of Awesome for her.
  • After creating this video, TJ received severe backlash from a popular review channel, Razorfist, who made a tweet featured in TJ's video. Razorfist made this rant in response, rebutting TJ. TJ's response? Settle it amicably like a grown man and feature him on a podcast shortly afterwards. Shows how much, despite his brutal honesty, how TJ is willing to admit when he is wrong and take it like a mature person.