Heartwarming / Tenchi in Tokyo

  • One time a "guardian spirit" created by Yugi tried to put the thread of love on Tenchi and Sakuya's fingers. After successfully placing the thread, she was shocked to see so many threads already there on Tenchi's finger. It turns out they represented the rest of the Masaki family! Then it drew both Ryoko and Ayeka into her dimension and they turned her into a huge ball of yarn. It's nice to see the bond between all of them is so strong.
  • When Tenchi gives Yugi a hug and tells her that all she had to do to not be lonely anymore was ask to stay at their house.
  • Sakuya giving Tenchi a Rousing Speech and telling him to go back to the girls. Overlaps with Dying Moment of Awesome.
  • Ayeka actually relinquishing her chance to visit Tenchi... all to help Masayo, the Biker Babe she has befriended on her way there, so she can be reunited with her lover Isao.