Tear Jerker / Tenchi in Tokyo

If we go to the controversial Tenchi in Tokyo, there are some moments that stand out:
  • Sakuya's reaction when she sees Tenchi after she got Stood Up by him, and she sheds tears despite trying not to:
    Sakuya: Masaki-kun, you're an horrible liar.
    • Double when the camera pans to Yugi, who's watching over the scene... and she's crying too.
  • Ryoko's heartbreak when she sees Tenchi and Sakuya kiss. All the more tear-jerking when you see the devastated look on her face after she trusted Tenchi shortly following their date.
  • Sakuya's Heroic B.S.O.D. when she realizes that she's got no real memories of her own;
    Sakuya (in a Troubled Fetal Position on the floor of her apartment): "T-Tenchi-kun... help me... please..."
  • Yugi's backstory, specially as she's imprisioned inside a dark tomb after almost destroying Jurai, crying and screaming because she's scared of the dark. Made worse when Empress Hinase, the one sealing her away, is shown crying too and even apologizing as she seals her away, since she hates the idea of doing this to Yugi but can't do anything else.
    • Worse, just before she was defeated and sealed away. She and her friends looked like they were on a rampage of desruction. But what did Yugi think she was doing? Just playing with her friends... Worse still when she sees Empress Hinases forces attack all she does is beg her to stop hurting her friends.
  • When Yugi confronts Sakuya and tells her who she really is. Not feeling at least minimally sorry for her (regardless of your side in the Ship-to-Ship Combat) when she looks at Yugi in tears and whispers "No, no... Tenchi-kun, help me... NOOOOO!" right before she's absorbed back into her, or with the Really Dead Montage in the end of the episode, full of happy Sakuya scenes... is, well, extremely hard.
  • Sakuya's entire storyline. Rarely have the Mary Sue and Relationship Sue concepts been so thoroughly deconstructed - Sakuya's not real, and only exists to tear Tenchi away from his True Companions, only to be thrown away when she's done just that. She even has to perform a Heroic Sacrifice to save the hero when he fails The Final Temptation. Yeesh.
  • Sasami visting Yugi in the final scene. 'Good night, Yugi. Sleep tight.'