* Report using his one wish from Nij'd to give Ere her real eyes back and her reaction. Considering how dark the "Yay Agenda" arc was up to that point made that moment even more beautiful. The fact that it came after a major TearJerker moment made it even better.
* Report's triumphant return at the climax of ''Chrono Troper: Cross''.
** Dab Gib showing up to aid the cast against Aelf is notable as well, as it can be seen as a testament to his and Report's friendship in the past.
* At the end of ''Report'', when Ere's CooldownHug of Report turns into a full-blown hug, complete with TearsOfJoy.
* "Why?" "Because I love you."
* Kobun finally getting through to [[TheDon his father]] in part 3 of ''Giga-Nippon''.
* Most of ''[[ChristmasEpisode A Simple Gift]]''--even some of the {{Narm}} qualified.
* ''Ainaveltsac'': Naharrud accepting the dying Sir Romra's offer of his helmet so the former could read.
** A bit later, a perfectly-fine Yug Gib poking his head out of Naharrud after Ainaveltsac collapsed, revealing that the dullahan had saved most of the castles' denizens.
* Gabe and Regnis' reunion at the end of the "Worst Case Scenario" arc after [[spoiler:he spent two subjective weeks believing she was dead and blaming himself for it]]:
-->'''Gabe''': "Regnis!" [hugs her]\\
'''Regnis''': "Gabe? What happened? You look aweful... and you're choking me!"\\
'''Gabe''': "Regnis, I've just realized something..."\\
'''Regnis''': "What? What are you talking about?"\\
'''Gabe''': *{{beat}}* "Please marry me!"\\
'''Regnis''': [pauses in suprise, then smiles warmly] "Sure."
** Cue KissingDiscretionShot.
* Yug and Doog having a conversation, when [[spoiler: Dab]] of all people shows up. Instead of some sort of confrontation, however, all Doog does is grip [[spoiler: Dab]] in a tight hug, which Yug joins in. [[spoiler: Dab]] merely wanted to remind Doog he was still alive, and you can see that, despite ''everything'' he did, Doog still [[spoiler: loves his older son]].
--> '''Doog''': [[spoiler: Son,]] I'm sorry....
* Yui hugging [[spoiler:Amaterasu, who just said that [[LukeIAmYourFather she was Yui's real mother]] a few seconds ago]] and crying TearsOfJoy. Whether you're a fan or not, n'awww!
* After a major Tearjerker where [[spoiler:Ere finds out she'll never walk again]], Retrope tells her that [[spoiler:if she had any arms, she'd hug Ere]]. Cue the ship fics!
* And after all that happens? The last panel of the Amaterasu Arc is an entire page. [[spoiler:It's Amaterasu and Yui, walking hand-in-hand towards the sunset]]. It's simple, sure, but in its simplicity, it's a Crowning Moment Of Heartwarming to see at least ''someone'' get a HappyEnding in this arc.
* The best part? The author revealed that the next arc will be called Belated Happy Ending. It's very likely that Report, Ere, and Retrope, [[spoiler:all of whom get [[DownerEnding Downer Endings]]]], will ''finally'' get a HappyEnding.
** Subverted , actually. The ''Belated Happy Ending'' arc actually introduced the [[AxCrazy Ax-Crazy]] Susano'o, making the situation even worse.
* The only person Report can remember? Ere.
* After [[spoiler:Aries's]] death, Retrope goes on a RoaringRampageOfRevenge against [[spoiler:her]] killer. It's awesome, it's sad, but it's also heartwarming to see that Retrope really cared about her.
* Dab showing up to [[spoiler: Doog's funeral.]] He really did care.
* "Do you...want to do the...Doog-ie Boogie...with me?" "...Sure." Gets me every time.
** Especially given the context: Yug is asking Dab to do it [[spoiler:in memorial of their late father, who they don't yet know is actually alive]]. Given how Dab usually is, that "Sure" is heartwarming.
* There's an adorable flashback to when Dab and Yug were little: Dab finds a baby robin in his hair and decides to keep it.
-->'''Young!Dab''': We shall name her Princess Evelyn of the Robin Kingdom.
-->'''Young!Yug''': And we shall build her a great palace for her to live in!
* "But somehow--just somehow--I know you'll be fine."
* Report and Teller [[spoiler:setting aside their differences so they can find the UltimateBlacksmith.]]
* This line from Retrope to L, which manages to be both heartwarming and tearjerking at the same time.
-->'''Retrope:''' You are now my only friend!
* Retrope saving L from drowning in [[spoiler:Mimir's Well]], and L repaying the favor by granting her shapeshifting powers.
-->'''Retrope:''' When does this wear off?
-->'''L''': Never. I can't take it back.
-->'''Retrope:''' You're kidding, right?
-->'''L:''' You saved my life. This is the least I could do.
* What Odin says before charging into battle. Also a {{Tearjerker}} since [[spoiler:Frigg is already dead at this point, and Odin (as well as Report, Ere, Yug, and Regnis) is about to be informed.]]
-->'''Odin''': ''FOR FRIGG!''
-->''*cue FoeTossingCharge*''
* The barrel of SweetDreamsFuel causing everyone to feel "sugary and warm inside".