Heartwarming / Survivor: Fan Characters

  • Hogan giving up his letter from home for everyone else's letters, and then being given his own letter anyway by the "producers".
  • Montana's Final Tribal Council speech.
  • What every castaway said when voting off Vinnie because of his Game-Breaking Injury.
  • The Violet/Bitsy moments, especially in the final Ponderosa comic.
  • Krauss's words while voting for Ker at the Final Tribal Council.
  • The conclusion of the Jackie vs. Oehda rivalry.
  • When Sunflower has to choose between flipping on her alliance or voting out their intended target, her friend Eli, Eli tells her that he won't be mad at her if she votes for him, because he wouldn't want her to throw her game away just for a shot at saving him. To put this in context, Eli is pretty much the biggest Survivor fanboy ever, and had been waiting his entire life to get a chance to play, and yet he was willing to give up his game so Sunflower could stay in her alliance's good graces. All because she was his friend.
  • The Orwell and Sasha relationship, especially when Sasha gets voted out after Orwell tried to give up his immunity to save her. Orwell tries to apologize, but Sasha kisses him instead .
  • Ky's horrible past and his outlook on life despite all that happened to him.