Heartwarming / Soap

  • After Carol has Jody's baby she goes back to Texas and refuses to let him see his child (because he's gay (sort of)), she runs away with some random cowboy so her mother brings Wendy (the baby) to live with him. The first scene they have together, him just picking up his small baby and talking to her is so touching.
  • In Season Two when Corrine gets married to Tim, Chester (her father) was hiding from the police so couldn't be there to walk her down the aisle. Instead, Benson, the family butler does it after they talk about how they're best friends.
    • A hilarious moment follows, when the priest asks if Benson is the father of the bride.
  • Burt's speech to Alien Burt begging for his life back.
    Wait a sec, you don't understand. You don't know what it's like here. But you see, you spend most of your life here strugglin'—to make money, to get along with people, to fall in love and make good, to give your kids the best you can and years go by while you do this pally, years. Then one day you wake up and you realize "Woh-ho—I've arrived. Business is good, my wife and I still love each other, the kids are alive and not on drugs," now you can enjoy it all, no more struggle. Except then you realize you don't have a lot of time. Well now I've been through the struggle, and I dunno how much time I got left. But I do know one thing, I didn't come this far to give up. Now give me back my life. I'm entitled.
  • An early one (in the first ten episodes) when Danny comes to terms with and accepts Jodie's homosexuality, which before he had said was a joke.
  • After Danny gets shot through both kidneys, Mary is forced to reveal who his real father is (as it's the reason why Jodie can't give Danny one of his). His father, Chester, who has argued with him throughout the vast majority of the series, gives him his kidney. They're both new to the revelation that they're father-and-son and they have a very kind heart-to-heart talk right before the sugery.
  • The scene between Jessica and Benson in the hospital in the season 3 finale doubles as this and a tearjerker.
Jessica: You were my best friend, Benson.
Benson: And you are the best person that's ever been in my life.