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Trivia / Soap

  • Cowboy BeBop at His Computer:
    • Before the show had even aired, Newsweek reported that Soap was a sex farce which contained a scene of a priest being seduced inside a confessional. While the "sex farce" descriptor wasn't entirely off base, that specific scene never happened. A boycott of the show by religious groups ensued, advertisers and affiliates got nervous, and some of the show's producers believe the show never fully recovered.
    • Gordon Jump (Chief of Police Tinkler) originally refused to take the part because he'd heard the rumors that the show was lewd and immoral, only to realize he was wrong when the producers actually showed him some episodes.
  • The Danza: Inga Swenson as Ingrid Swenson.
  • Executive Meddling: A rather strange example that was ultimately averted involved ABC requesting the Campbells' last name be changed to avoid confusion with the similarly-named soup company.
  • Marathon Running: Beginning at Midnight, 1/1/93 Comedy Central kicked off a run of the show with the marathon All the Soap in the World which aired every episode in order non-stop over a three day period. When it then entered the regular line-up, episodes aired at 7:30 Mon-Sat, with a mini-marathon of all 6 episodes repeating Sunday afternoons under the title Soap Block.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Originally, Chuck was to be a much darker character and would have been revealed to be the actual murderer of Peter Campbell. This storyline was scrapped when Chuck (and Bob) proved to be popular with viewers, resulting in Chester being revealed as the murderer.
    • Susan Harris had created a five-season story arc for the show prior to it even airing. The show was canceled after four seasons, leaving the fates of several main characters undetermined and many plot threads never to be resolved.
    • Father Timothy Flotsky was originally intended to be a less traditional priest; one planned joke involved replacing the traditional communion wafers with Oreos. ABC was not amused.
    • According to fellow game show announcer Randy West, the producers' first choice for the announcing gig was Casey Kasem. Kasem, however, felt that the material was too controversial.
    • In an interview Jay Johnson once discussed the Crowning Moment of Funny scene in which Jodie stashes Bob in the refrigerator, saying he and Billy Crystal had collaborated heavily on the concept and gags in the scene. Afterward Billy Crystal wanted a writing credit, but was denied. After that, Crystal was far less motivated to collaborate.
  • Jodie was the one of the first openly gay regular characters in American Television.
  • You Look Familiar: Inga Swenson and Caroline McWilliams would return as different characters for the show's Spin-Off Benson.