Heartwarming / 7th Heaven

  • In earlier seasons Matt was dating a deaf girl named Heather. at the start of the the relationship they communicated by sign language and written messages but after a date Heather reveals that she can speak but often doesn't because people make fun of the way she talks. After she leaves, a stunned Matt remarks that he thinks it's the most beautiful thing he's ever heard.
  • "It Happened One Night" is about the Camdens' struggle to quell the newborn twins' incessant crying. Lucy succeeds by singing to the babies. Relieved, the other Camdens join in. The episode ends with the whole family finishing Lucy's song in unison, as the scene fades to black.
  • Rev. Camden adding a picture of of Robbie on his desk next to those of his wife and biological children, showing how he considers him a part of the family.
  • Lucy's birthday present to Eric in season 5: Telling him she wants to follow in his footsteps as a minister. Showing him the reason she chose this path is even more so, as Lucy invited everyone that Eric had helped over the first five seasons to the celebration.
  • Kevin proposing to Lucy at an elegant Valentine's Day dinner, in front of most of the Camden family.
  • The way Annie deals with the death of her father in the episode "Angel". The previous episode had her quiet and heartbroken over losing him, but in the following episode she's singing and dancing around the kitchen much to everyone's shock. They're worried, but at the same time they can't help but admit her joy is contagious, because they feel good, too. Later, she tells Eric she realizes she's not sad her father died, but she's happy he lived.
    • In the same episode, Chandler's dream sequence in which everyone's dancing to "You're Nobody (Till Somebody Loves You)". He's freaked out, but there's something pleasant about seeing everyone so ridiculously happy.
  • Lucy's wedding. Specifically, the fact that Mary arrives in spite of terrible weather, her family is actually happy to see her, and they want to know about the guy she said she was bringing. She mischievously tells them she found him at the airport, and he comes around the corner... revealing that it's Matt, who then gives away the bride.
    • Also heartwarming in a meta sense when you remember that Matt was written off the show for a while so that Barry Watson could undergo treatment for cancer.
  • Say what you will about the sudden eleventh season after the show's hyped finale, but the true final episode of the series is pretty sweet, especially the final moments in which the family piles into the RV with their things and invites a recurring extra along for their road trip.
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