Trivia: 7th Heaven

  • Contractual Purity: Jessica Biel, who rebelled by posing topless (but non-nude) for Gear magazine... at the age of seventeen.
  • Dawson Casting: Beverley Mitchell (born in 1981) as the younger sister of Jessica Biel (born in 1982).
  • Directed by Cast Member: Stephen Collins and Barry Watson (the latter also penned an episode).
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Will Decker (Stephen Collins) and Gillian Taylor (Catherine Hicks) have kids.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Subversion. The show has been released on DVD and digitally, but televised reruns may be obsolete: In October 2014, after TMZ released an audiotape in which Stephen Collins admitted to now-estranged wife Faye Grant about past sexual misconduct with three underage girls, Up (a family-oriented cable network founded by Rev. Rex Humbard) immediately stopped airing reruns of the series (TVGN also pulled episodes it had scheduled to air). The network quietly brought the show back to its schedule that November when the story died down, after receiving viewer mail asking for 7th Heaven to return (claiming that they could separate Collins from his Eric Camden character); this obviously turned out to be a bad idea, as backlash from some viewers led Up to drop it again a few weeks later. Especially with Collins officially admitting to the acts in a series of interviews in December 2014, it's quite certain that the series will not air on TV in the foreseeable future, if ever again, especially not on any family-oriented cable networks.
    • As of summer 2015, it has quietly reappeared on the channel.
  • Retroactive Recognition: