Heartwarming / Seven Samurai

  • Kambei is about to turn the peasants down when a drunken gambler points out that the peasants are feeding Kambei their best food - that they have nothing but rice and they're offering it all, just to be saved. Kambei says, "I see," somberly, and takes the bowl. "I won't let this rice go to waste."
  • After Heihachi accidentally made an off-colour remark about Rikichi's apparent bachelorhood (Rikichi's wife was captured by bandits), he talks to him one night by the campfire and offers to make up for it.
  • Kikuchiyo raising the flag at Heihachi's funeral. This is coming from the man who previously was a constant subject of the latter's teasing, and a sign of them parting on good terms. Kind of sweet to know that despite all this, Kikuchiyo is sad about the loss.
  • Kikuchiyo and Heihachi discussing what to do about Rikichi after Heihachi accidentally offended him. For once, they agree on something.
  • Gorobei and Kyuzo are having trouble getting their men out and ready to fight, because they're scared of the approaching bandits. Then, they hear Shichiroji rousing his men with war cries, which inspires Gorobei to suggest the same. Kikuchiyo then hears the yells from Gorobei and his faction and makes his men yell as well.
  • Kambei brings sake up to Kikuchiyo, who is sitting sadly by the graves. At first, Kikuchiyo doesn't want any. But then he grabs the jar and begins to drink vociferously.
  • When the rice is stolen, Rikichi and Yohei get into an argument over what to do. Then Katsushiro secretly tosses them a few coins.
  • Kikuchiyo brusquely demanding that Rikichi not be intimidated by him sleeping in the same barn as him.
  • When Kyuzo appears in the doorway, nobody but Heihachi notices him. However, knowing that Kyuzo doesn't want to interrupt the conversation, Heihachi waits until the appropriate moment to make Kyuzo's appearance known.