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Heartwarming: Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island
  • After Fred notices Daphne offhandedly tell another talk show host about how much she misses the rest of Mystery Inc., Fred proceeds to telephone each former member to help surprise Daphne. Scooby, Shaggy, and Velma each accept their invitations as quickly as possible. The resultant sight of everyone happily reunited in preparation for another spooky adventure gets capped off with Fred revealing that he even brought The Mystery Machine out of storage to help them on their journey. This shows how much Fred cares, and how his personality has much more depth to it here than the original show.
  • After the battles over and all the trapped souls are free to leave. One Confederate soldier lingers on long enough to salute Scooby and thank him personally.
    Jackson Pettigroup: *salutes* Thank you all.
  • When Lena and Simone have transformed, Jacque gets attacked by zombies (their co-conspirator.) Lena is worried and wants to help him, but Simone refuses. They may be evil, but it seems like Lena grew to genuinely like Jacque as a companion (unlike Simone.) Lena in general seems very protective of Simone.
  • The Stinger where Scooby makes peace with Simone's cats.

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