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Heartwarming: Robopon

Robopon 1

  • Cody starts the game by helping Lisa and a kid who's being bullied.
  • Rescuing Lisa from Bisco, and later her own father. She cheers you on with every floor of his tower you destroy.
  • If you refuse to give up Dosbot without a fight, you get beat up. The girl that gave Dosbot to you is sorry it happened and apologizes to you.
  • Helping the underwater creature find his family.
  • Rescuing Princess Darcy with the Teardrop of Morris.

Robopon 2

  • The end of the alien storyline in the second game. Tataki realizes that, alien or not, he really does love Miho. She reciprocates his feelings, and he promises to find her on the moon.
  • Saving Mr. Waffle's company.

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