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Funny: Robopon

Robopon 1

  • Refusing to help Lisa and the bullied kid gets you hilarious responses and a funny sound effect.
  • In Libra Town, an NPC says that going into others' houses and taking their things is a law of Porombo Island called "What's Mine is Yours." They say that they don't really understand it, but it's best not to question these things.
  • Bisco's goons leave after threatening you... and bump into each other.
  • Encountering a toilet Robopon named Johnny.
  • The biker gang terrorizing Cools Town and Dine Town calls itself the Smiley Gang.
  • If you give Dosbot up without a fight, the girl who gave it to you calls you a loser.
  • Mr. Wild tries to run away on his motorcycle, but loses the keys. When he finds the keys, it won't start anyway. This goes on for about 5 tries until he gets it right.
  • The Brownie sidequest has Mr. Brownie acting as a Jackass Genie to Professor Don, culminating in Don growing huge when he wishes to be the greatest professor.
  • Getting a Snorkel to breathe underwater; this happened in both games.

Robopon 2

  • The very beginning of Robopon 2 has Cody forget all of his Robopon at home.
  • Many of the Shout Outs, But Thou Musts, and Lampshade Hangings count.
  • Destroying Dr. Don's time machines every time you return from the past.
  • The amount of times stuff blows up. Everything blows up in this game.
  • Getting a Snorkel to breathe underwater; this happened in both games.
  • The epitaphs for the members of Riggs Construction Company, which go out of their way to avoid saying the word "die."
  • The text when you're about to destroy the Battleship and say no.
    Game: And so, the Pandora's Box that is the Battleship has been opened... Metaphors aside, will you press the red button?
    Player: No.
    Game: Umm... you should really think about pressing the button soon.
  • Dr. Zero lists off every positive virtue in the book as he wonders how Cody was able to defeat him.

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