Heartwarming / Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

  • Duncan's Undying Loyalty to both Robin and his father is equal parts this and Tear Jerker, considering what it cost him.
  • When the kid comes up and asks Azeem, "Did God paint you?" Morgan Freeman laughs and layers the charm on double-thick as he explains it's a certainty, because "Allah loves wondrous variety." The smile the kid gets could melt anyone's heart, especially since she's just about the only person in England to treat him as a normal guy so far besides Robin.
  • "I have a brother? ...I have a brother!!"
  • King Richard interrupts Robin and Marian's wedding and for a moment things are tense... until he reveals he only wants to give his cousin away and then lets the ceremony continue.
  • Friar Tuck humbly asks Azeem's forgiveness for misjudging him, after the Moor helps safely deliver Fanny's baby. Azeem happily gives it.
    Tuck: Today the Lord has taught me a fine lesson: though I may think I am godly, I know I am not worldly.
  • "You truly are a great one."
  • "Will you do it, for your king?" "No. But I'll do it for you."
  • Azeem helping Robin to get through his angst while burying Duncan after the Sheriff's attack on the village.
    Robin: I was a fool. I was a fool to let [Duncan] leave, to believe I'd planned it all so perfectly...
    Azeem: I once heard a wise man say "There are no perfect men in this world, only perfect intentions."
  • "I have fulfilled my vow, sadiq".
  • A small one, but not long after expressing his dislike for Moors and Saracens, Duncan just views Azeem as a comrade regardless of the man's race the moment it sounds like Robin is in danger. Granted he is blind and elderly, and wouldn't be much help, but the quick change of heart is really sweet.
  • Little John's pride when he shows his newborn son to the others. One of the other Merry Men even says: "He's beautiful, John!"