Fridge / Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

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Fridge Horror:

  • In the extended version of the movie, we learn a little about the Sheriff of Nottingham's parentage. The witch Morgana herself was his mother, and she killed a baby in the palace so that she could substitute her baby in his place. This brings up a number of horrific implications.

    • Probably one of the most subtle is shown when Morgana talks about how she has been seen as a freak all of her life. Given that, how did she become pregnant? Given her lack of sympathy for Marian's plight, it is likely that the Sheriff is the product of rape, perhaps even rape by a nobleman... in which case, having her son produce the heir to the throne through raping a nobleman's daughter is the ultimate act of revenge.

    • This also explains why the Sheriff, upon demanding a "proper" wedding to Maid Marian, snarled that "for once in his life he would have something pure".