Heartwarming: Rinne no Lagrange

  • The very first scene of the franchise; we just knew Madoka is someone we can look up to with her prayers to a bright blue ocean sunrise:
    "Today I pray for the happiness of everybody.''
  • The end of episode 7, what with Madoka accepting Muginami as family despite everything. It's not even hurt that badly by the girls deciding to go skinnydipping five seconds later.
  • The big group hug of episode 8, where Madoka assures the other two that even though she will not pilot Vox Aura, they are still friends and fellow members of the Jersey Club.
  • Crossing over with Tear Jerker, Lan and Madoka promising that no matter what, no matter how, the three of them will meet again in Kamogawa, set to a touching piano rendition of the opening theme.
  • Uncle Hiroshi, Kirius, Array, and Izo breaking into a Manly Tears party at Kirius and Array's farewell party.