YMMV / Rinne no Lagrange

  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Villagiulio is subjected to this in the moment mentioned below. Bit of wishful thinking but he may have delivered the speech because he didn't want Muginami to act without setting her priorities straight first. After all, if he is so evil why not use the dupe for one's own schemes instead of alienating her like that? No skin off his shoulder. Or using his Ovid for killing off the Vox pilots in the same scene, who are oh-so-conveniently away from any support and unarmed and right in front of him.
  • Complete Monster: Balance T. Moid first acts as the seemingly-polite observer of Pharos, before revealing himself later on as a madman of a scientist willing to endanger the whole universe, all to satisfy his own curiosities. As the one truly responsible for Earth's destruction 20,000 years ago, Moid forcibly implanted the powerful Memoria into Queen Maycum, in his efforts to open the Rinne, He would later become Dizelmine's Treacherous Advisor, where, under his services, he would perform a slew of atrocities in an effort to bring about the Rinne once more. These acts would include extracting the power of Dizelmine's lover Yurikano resulting in her apparent death; the war between Dizelmine and Yurikano's brother Villagulio; performing Mind Raping experiments on Dizelmine's younger sister Lan; and switching the bodies of Madoka and Yurikano, awakening the latter's concience, nearly destroying Dizelmine's main ship and its passengers. Getting desperate, Moid extracts the same Memoria he used on Queen Maycum to implant it onto Dizelmine, turning him into an unstable catalyst that would not only summon Rinne once more but amply its destructive powers to the point where it would destroy the entire universe, much to Moid's utter apathy.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: The whole soundtrack is great. If nothing else, the first season's themes Try Unite! (composed by none other than Yoko Kanno herself,) and Hello! with how Infectiously catchy and almost offensively upbeat they are.
  • Les Yay: More than a little. By Word of God, there was going to be far more—to the point where Lan and Madoka knew each other before the start of the series, and were implied to be lovers. This was dropped before production.
  • Memetic Mutation: Not surprisingly, both "Maru!" and "Wan!" appear to move in this direction. More surprisingly, there is also "Muginami desu!", despite the phrase appearing only in one episode.
  • Moe: Madoka, for certain by account of her Badass Adorable status. Lan also counts as this.
  • Superlative Dubbing: Viz Media did an excellent job with script and casting. If nothing else, most agree Kira Buckland was PERFECT! as Madoka, her first breakthrough role as a voice actress.
  • Tear Jerker: Madoka stopping midway through a "Maru!" and breaking down into tears over having to say goodbye to Lan.
  • The Woobie:
    • Lan is often on the receiving end of various punishments, embarassing situations and her own insecurities. Add an obvious (despite the seemingly stoic behavior) emotional fragility and she becomes this trope. So very much.
    • Madoka was this at the end of Season 1 especially in the final episode.