Funny: Rinne no Lagrange

  • Kirius' over-dramatic reaction to having an energy drink in episode 6.
    • And the fact the same drink had the exact opposite effect on Laffinty, who is so tired she has bags under her eyes before the battle.
  • De Metrio's "Gonna get busy tonight! Oh wait! It is already morning" in the same episode.
  • The several seconds long Beat from Muginami and Madoka, when Lan get's naked on the beach during episode 7.
  • Array turning out to be the maid in episode 8. Mostly because he spent most of the time sitting in the background and generally looking quite genuinely like a girl.
    • Also from episode 8, poor Lan being informed that "Woof" isn't really a greeting.
  • Episode 9: Lan vs. nails.
    Lan: Ouch.
  • Episode 3 of season 2. Asteria harnessing the power of shame on Madoka, and reducing Lan and Mugi into red faced silenced.
  • Yurikano proving who she is to all the De Metrio people who would ask by revealing a few embarrassing anecdotes.
  • The girls muse over which of the guys', Kirius, Array or Izo, is likely to cry first during the former two's going away party. They make their respective bets, until the party proper where they all lose because none of them accounted for Uncle Hiroshi to cry first.
  • In the final episode, Madoka casually blowing off the Secretary-General of the United Nations.
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