Heartwarming / Resonance of Fate

  • The cutscene after finishing the story mission of Chapter 6. You just have to see it.
  • The end of Chapter 11 - the only known instance of a girl bashing a boy over the head with a heavy frying pan qualifying as a Heartwarming Moment. And holy hell, is it ever.
  • Leanne reunion with Juris after clearing Aetersyl.
  • The last line of Cardinal Garigliano after his boss battle. He asks Leanne how she came to be the woman she was, and Leanne replies that she lived each day following her heart. He's overjoyed by the answer.
  • Vashyron remarks that neither Zephyr nor Leanne can forget that good things can happen beyond their little world of Basel, as long as they never forget the possibilities. At the very end of the game, when Leanne sees the petals from the world above, she wonders where they come from. Vashyron's Ironic Echo of this line warms the heart.