Funny / Resonance of Fate

  • The beginning of Chapter 2. All of it.
  • Jean-Paulet presenting his statue.
    "I don't think so!" (KICK!)
    • If you listen carefully when Vashyron is kicked in the stomach, you can hear him say a very grunted "PUSSAY!"
  • The infamous "Vashyron Dance" cutscene.
  • This gem from the start of a fight.
    Leanne: "Do you want me on offence or defence?"
    Vashyron: "Leanne goes both ways. Good to know."
    Zephyr: "Hey, save it, why don'tcha?"
  • And this one from the end of a fight:
    Zephyr: "Leanne? Is that a smile I see?"
    Leanne: "What? I was smiling?"
    Vashyron: "Aww, our little Leanne has a sadistic side..."
    • In fact, this dialogue actually makes it to Project X Zone when you kill an enemy with Zephyr and Leanne partnered with Vashyron.
  • Some of the dialogue at the beginning of fights when you're in an area to complete a story mission. Lines that refer to how Zephyr probably really did see Leanne naked or talk about how really cold it is or Barbarella's boobs come up and are usually worth an ear.
  • Vashyron and Zephyr dressed up in (bad) reindeer costumes, chucking presents like grenades at children. Especially amusing when you use the Hero Actions to deliver the presents.
    Vashyron: Here, take it, ya brigand!
    Leanne: Aah, this skirt's too short!
    Zephyr: Now all we need is a trampoline.
    Leanne: What did you say?
    Zephyr: I said "the hem looks really keen."
  • A blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment from early on, Zephyr takes a drink of wine, then spits it out and doubles over coughing.
  • The wedding job(s). Start to finish.
    • "Daddy does NOT approve!"
  • Also, battle banter in general; the characters come out with some pretty awesome or hilarious lines mid-fight (particularly during Hero Actions or if you accidentally catch someone in friendly fire.)
  • Fighting Gelsey in the mine. The man is completely crackers, and, rather than get annoyed by his insanity, Vashyron just decides to go with it.
  • Zephyr and Vashyron killing some poor guards who were only doing their job just because they wanted to check how Leanne was doing on her date with Pater
  • Even if going into critical condition means you're probably going to get a Game Over, it's worth it just to hear the relatively wacky music and see the normally badass heroes cowering in fear.