Heartwarming / Real Steel

  • Seeing not only Bailey showing up at the live match, but also Aunt Debra and Uncle Marvin to cheer Charlie, Max, and Atom on.
    • Turns into a CMOF when a subsequent cut to their reaction during a time when Atom had the upper hand shows Aunt Debra cursing like a sailor at Zeus.
    Aunt Debra: Knock that little bitch, bust him open!
  • The Ironic Echo of "Your secret's safe with me."
  • Max going out for a run with Atom in the evening. Doubles as a funny moment, as Atom (Technically Max, as Atom's in Shadow Mode during the scene) accidentally causes minor damage on the street.
  • Atom being given the title of "The People's Champion", and Max giving his opinion on this.
    Max: People's Champion?...Sounds pretty good to me.
  • An early one- Charlie pleads with Max not to go for a double or nothing round with Metro, saying he really needs every tiny bit of money he can get. Max's reply? "I know. Let's work."
  • Charlie hugging Max after he almost falls down the dump slide.
  • Charlie when he's in the middle of whooping Zeus's ass. You can tell the guy's having the time of his life and loving every minute of getting to box again through Atom. Max gets in on it by seeing a glimpse of what his father was in his prime.
  • During the part of the match where Charlie is using Atom's Shadowing feature to control his movements, Max doesn't focus on the ring. He's focusing on his father fighting like it was him in the ring.