Awesome / Real Steel
  • Zeus's montage of destruction. Only four of the many robots that he has pulverized are shown in the movie. These include:
    • Danger Zone. Zeus smashed his chestplate and ripped out his wires.
    • Gridlock, who gave Zeus one weak right punch to the body. Zeus did not even flinch as he squashed Gridlock's head between his piston fists.
    • Axelrod. Zeus broke off part of his neck and bisected him at the waist. His upper half gets carted out, punching the air.
    • Blac Jac. Zeus wasted no time in smashing off his face and pounding him to the ground.
  • Charlie/Atom landing a huge leaping punch to Zeus's head. The shot's prominent use in the trailer suggests a keen awareness of how awesome this is.
    • Heck, the first punch Atom lands on Zeus that staggers him. The entire crowd gives a mass gasp of shock. Not just because Zeus is supposedly this invincible, unstoppable force, but because a robot they never thought had a chance managed to stagger him!
    • Not to mention Charlie and Atom taunting Zeus back into the rope-a-dope in the final round. Watching that battered little machine invite the King of the Robots to take a few more free shots invoked full-on Rule of Cool.
    • Continued a moment later, as Atom weathers a flurry of blows. Max is yelling at Charlie to fight back, only for him to keep answering "not yet." A moment later, Zeus rears back, running low on energy.
    Charlie: "Hey kid... now." *throws an uppercut that staggers Zeus.*
  • Max jumping into the ring and interrupting the referee after Atom's defeat of Twin Cities to challenge Zeus to a fight any time, any place, and anywhere, is pretty awesome itself.
    Max: You name it! We will be there! I'm gonna get us that fight!
  • Atom fighting all five rounds and knocking Zeus to the ground. Yes, he got up after a few seconds, but not only did he last much longer than anyone, he made the undefeatable fall to the ground. Zeus may have won the match, but Atom won the people.
    • Also add up the scores from each judge (first number is Zeus's, second is Atom's). You'll notice that it was a very close match. It's clear from the boos the crowd gives that they clearly believed Atom should've won.