Heartwarming / Power Rangers RPM

RPM has had plenty of memorable moments. Here are the heartwarming ones. Many of them cross over with Crowning Moment of Awesome.

  • From "The Road to Corinth": Dillon stops to water a lonely flower with the last remaining drops of water he has. (He does this again in the finale.)
  • From "Fade to Black": Dillon rescues Ziggy from some angry Corinth prison inmates by starting a prison fight over Jell-O.
  • From "Rain": The Rangers talk to Dillon about why Corinth is worth fighting for. After some objections, Summer tells him that he'd be the kind of person she'd want to save her. The rain begins to fall, and Dillon sees a brother and sister get under an umbrella. This event leads him to becoming Ranger Operator Series Black on the condition that Ziggy is also freed from Corinth prison—a request that is ultimately granted.
  • From "Go For The Green": Dillon introduces the new Series Green to Dr. K and the Rangers: Ziggy Grover. Dillon is the only one who even makes an active attempt to back him up for accidentally becoming a Ranger to keep the Series Green morpher away from Tenaya 7.
  • From "Ranger Green": Benny tells Dr. K the real reason why Ziggy took the black market medicine for "himself"—to help the children at the orphanage. Ziggy, having been captured by the cartels, stands up to Fresno Bob. And Dr. K comes to his rescue. This also marks a Crowning Moment of Awesome both for Ziggy and Dr. K.
  • From "Ranger Red": The end of the episode has Colonel Truman's reaction upon receiving his late son's Marcus's recommendation. Indeed, Scott was the right man for the job.
  • From "Ranger Yellow, Part 1": Summer handles a requisite, though embarrassing, question very respectfully and with just a hint of snark thrown in:
    Boy: Ranger Yellow, will you marry me?
    Summer: I like a man with taste. The answer is yes.
  • From "Ranger Yellow, Part 2":
    • Summer talking of how Andrews has practically raised her and she doesn't even know his first name. Andrews simply smiles and says they need to go. Rather than let him carry her on his back as he'd been doing, Summer tosses her expensive shoes off and starts walking. Andrews gives a warm smile of sheer pride.
    • Andrews's answer to Summer's question about why he puts up with her brattiness.
    Andrews: I'm waiting.
    Summer: Waiting for what?
    Andrews: For you, Miss Summer. I'm waiting for you to show me who you are. Underneath that makeup, that hair, those fancy clothes, that diamond.
    Summer: I don't know who I am.
    Andrews: That's quite all right, Miss Summer. I do. That's why I'm happy to keep waiting.
    • Andrews sacrifices his life for Summer, fighting off Grinders, and eventually dying in front of her, with last words that qualify as a Tear Jerker. This is the event that makes her give up her pampered lifestyle for good.
    • Summer's parents finally come to terms with her new lifestyle at the end of the episode. More than that; they see what a powerful and independent girl she's become, and it's clear they are proud of her. They stand up to the groom's snobby family to defend their daughter.
  • From "Ranger Blue":
    • Flynn's father, Mr. McAllistair, acknowledges that he had a hero in his son the whole time after he hauls in a busload of people into Corinth in the heat of battle.
    • At the end of the episode, Flynn passes by his dad's shop and catches him asleep with a book over his head. The book contains articles of him as Ranger Blue saving the day.
    • When Flynn's suit freezes, leaving him vulnerable to Grinder attacks, Scott gives the order for the other rangers to fall back and protect Flynn. However if you watch carefully, you may notice that Ziggy was doing this even before Scott gave the order.
  • From "Doctor K": Gem and Gemma give Dr. K a birthday present while in Alphabet Soup: a pencil with the five core Ranger suits' colors. It gets topped off with this exchange:
    Dr. K: Gem, Gemma, you two should know I don't even like you.
    Gem: That's okay, we know.
    Gemma: But we can still like you, can't we?
    • And she kept it!
  • From "Blitz": An attack bot knocks Dillon from a building. Ziggy morphs, runs, leaps after Dillon (who is now falling down), grabs him, and successfully teleports him down to the ground.
    • Especially of note, Ziggy does this with no hesitation. Showing us (yet again) that his attitude is a facade and, when a friend is in need, he will step in and help them with no concern for his own safety.
  • From "Ghosts": Dr. K breaks down into tears upon seeing Gem and Gemma for the first time since Venjix attacked Alphabet Soup. And she smiles!
    • The way she speaks in this tiny, fragile voice when she sees them is what sells it. There's just so much emotion packed into just their names.
  • From "In Or Out":
    • In an attempt to apologize for being cold and aloof after having been confronted by Gem and Gemma, Dr. K calls for a meeting with her Rangers. She tells them what she likes about them and gives them all awkward hugs—even though it feels forced as she has No Social Skills whatsoever. (Poor Ziggy, however, is left out.)
      • However, the last thing she says to them speaks volumes to her upbringing, but also to what the ranger program has given her. "You five are the only family I've ever known. I love you all very much."
    • At the end of the episode, Dr. K goes up to everyone and commends each of them on their performance that day. Then, she goes up to Ziggy with a big grin on her face. Unfortunately, another Venjix attack interrupts her from saying anything to him.
  • From "Belly of the Beast": Dillon and Summer have this exchange inside the decimated Venjix prison/plant as they search for his sister:
    Dillon: Why are you always trying to save me?!
    Summer: Because you're worth saving!
  • From "Three's a Crowd": The end of the episode has Gem and Gemma fixing a door they broke earlier. After some struggle, Flynn and the other Series Operators offer to help them. Dr. K notifies them of another Venjix attack, and Gem and Gemma go running off again, much to Scott's aggravation. Summer offers them a ride, thus finally cementing Gem and Gemma as part of their team.
  • From "Heroes Among Us": Gem catches up to Scott out in the wasteland. They have a conversation about his Medal of Valor, which Gem then throws away after seeing how it upset Scott that he got the medal. Scott then picks it up and gives it back to Gem, saying that he deserves it.
    • From the same episode, the old soldier grants several. He was likely trying to get the group he was captured with to Corinth, and when that falls through, he tries to pull a Heroic Sacrifice to give Gem and Scott, whom he thinks are soldiers, a chance to make a run for it to Corinth. Scott and Gem then abandon their charade, morph, and rescue the prisoners.
  • From "Not So Simple": Flynn and Gemma work together on the Road Attack Zord.
    • A subtle one, but Dr. K acknowledges that redirecting the Road Attack Zord's excess energy to repair the Zords Flynn inadvertently damaged in an earlier battle was his idea. One can imagine Flynn smiling behind the helmet, especially considering that she had verbally ripped him to shreds earlier.
  • From "Ancient History":
    • Colonel Truman finds Dr. K hiding in Corinth HQ and is prepared to arrest her for treason because of her past actions at Alphabet Soup. They then have this exchange:
      Dr. K (Seeing Colonel Truman look at a picture of himself with his dead son Marcus): We all do things in life we regret. But if we don't learn from them, and move towards a brighter future, we pay twice.
      Col. Truman: I've already paid more than most.
      Dr. K: I know. And if I could access the space-time continuum long enough to undo what I did, I would. That's not possible.
    • Colonel Truman grants Dr. K a full pardon. After he leaves, Ziggy checks to see if Dr. K is real. A hologram pops up behind him, causing him to yelp. Dr. K lets out a rare smile.
  • From "Beyond A Doubt": It's a blink and you'll miss it moment, but when Kilobyte is about to execute Tenaya 7, Ziggy is the first one to leap into action.
  • From "Run, Ziggy, Run": Ziggy protects Fresno Bob from Tenaya 15 after she had conned him out of a valuable piece of technology. At the end of the episode, he goes to the Garage and forgives Ziggy's debt to the Scorpion Cartel.
  • From "If Venjix Won":
    • With no chance of getting out of the cave, Ziggy asks why Dr. K went outside with him. She answers, "It's my birthday, and I wanted to go outside." He then puts on an elaborate shadow puppet show in the cave, which brings the gift of a smile to Dr. K on her birthday—and just in time as she is about to collapse from asphyxiation.
    • Summer discovers Dr. K's password: ZIGGY.
    • Immediately after, she lies to the team about what it was out of respect for the obvious embarrassment the Doc was feeling over the matter.
  • "Danger and Destiny, Part 1" has a few moments:
    • The Rangers all get out of their cars and find Venjix's latest attack bot. However, before the battle begins, Ziggy realizes the obvious—Dr. K is completely by herself in her lab. He runs off to protect her, only to find that she has already been confronted by Venjix. Even so, Ziggy puts up a brief fight before being knocked down to the ground. Dr. K runs to his side, and even though she still refuses to call him by his real name, it still shows that she does care for him.
    • The scene when Gem and Gemma are deleted. It's so heartbreaking to watch. Props to the actors for making that scene so heart-wrenching.
    • Dillon goes to fight Kilobyte and free his sister from Venjix's mind hold. He takes a hit from Kilobyte which was meant for her, but not before successfully injecting her with Dr. K's antidote. Later on, Tenaya and Dr. K are at his side inside her damaged lab. Tenaya then tells Dr. K the following:
      Tenaya: I'd forgotten what it felt to be . . . be human. But when I look at him, I remember.
    • Before that, we see that Dillon's bond with the other Rangers has become so strong, he manages to fight against the virus attempting to take hold of him long enough to make it all the way to the lab. Also an Awesome Moment.
  • From "Danger and Destiny, Part 2": The final scenes have so many moments.
    • Colonel Truman places Scott as Eagle Squad's leader.
    • The Rangers return their morphers to Dr. K. Ziggy, not a little bit sadly, says, "Get in gear."
    • Ziggy and Dr. K announce that they'll open up a school for children. And she finally calls Ziggy by his real name! (Well, at least in public.)
    • Before Dillon and Tenaya leave for the wastelands with Summer, Dr. K gives Dillon his pocket watch back. He and Tenaya tell her to keep it.
    • Hugs go all around, but some of the more important ones are the hugs between Dillon and Ziggy and Dr. K and Tenaya.
    • Before Dillon leaves, he says "Thank you" to Dr. K. They had often butted heads, but now that he's been reunited with his sister, he has a reason for thanking the one who chose him as a Ranger Series Operator in the first place.
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