Heartwarming / Pokémon 3

  • The opening battle perfectly distills what the fun of battling Pokemon is.
  • Entei is incredibly badass and intimidating... and also the biggest teddy bear in the whole Pokemon world. He's got a bigger heart than almost every "real" Pokemon seen so far.
    Entei: If that is what you wish.
    Entei: I am happy that you are happy.
    • Sure, Entei might not actually be her dad, but they certainly treat each other with all the love of father and daughter. Even when the rest was forgotten, this Troper still remembered the scene where Entei turns Molly into a teenager so she'll be stronger.
    • When they first met, Molly confused him with Spencer and called him Papa for the first time. After a moment's confusion Entei is perfectly happy to play the part.
    Entei: Papa? (smiles gently) If that is what you wish.
    • This troper always chokes up a little near the end of the movie, when Entei is trying to help them escape the Unown.
    Entei: The last thing I can do for you is to take you out of this place.
  • In the beginning scene of the movie, Spencer and Molly playing together is incredibly sweet, with Spencer imitating Entei and running around roaring with Molly on his shoulders. It does a fantastic job of showing their relationship as a positive and loving one, which, given what happens next, was probably deliberate.
  • Molly reuniting with her father during the ending credits…then with her mother as well, as Molly runs into her arms. It was all the poor girl ever wanted.
    • In that same moment, Molly is playing with a Teddiursa. It looks like she was given a real one as a present.
  • Charizard hears about the battle with Entei and leaves Charicific Valley to join the fight and save Ash and Pikachu.
  • Team Rocket saving Ash from falling out a window during the climax. While they are the main antagonists in the series, this scene shows that some part of them cares about what happens to Ash.
  • The battle between Brock and Molly. Despite him distracting her, while Ash is looking for his mom; they have no ill will towards one and other and are genuinely having fun. Brock especially since he made her laugh.
  • Ash risking his life is nothing new, but seeing him doing it for his mom shows the kid has a big heart as well.
    • Bonus points for our hero in when he finally finds his mother and Molly, he doesn't blame or yell at Molly despite knowing she's responsible. Instead he just greets her and reminds her how they played together when he was younger.
  • Doubling as a funny moment, but Delia snapping out of her brainwashing after she sees that Ash may be putting himself in danger trying to get her back.
  • Some heartwarming Alternate Character Interpretation—it's possible that the Unown granted Molly all her wishes as a way of apologizing for making her dad disappear.