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Heartwarming: Penny Dreadful
  • Proteus politely introducing himself to Brona, and shaking her hand. As a prostitute, she probably isn't used to someone being so openly nice and courteous to her.
  • Practically any scene with Proteus, for that matter, right up until the moment the Creature shoves a hand through him from behind.
  • Whatever Malcolm and Vanessa are to each other, and even though she's just channeled his dead son and revealed his sexual indiscretions, Malcolm tucks Vanessa into bed after the ordeal.
  • While Ethan started out working with Malcolm and Vanessa for purely mercurial reasons, his developing relationship with Brona means he's now still helping the pair out for the order to buy his friend/lover medicine to help with her consumption.
  • Vanessa and Ethan's developing friendship.
    • Ethan swearing his loyalty not to the company, but to Vanessa alone, in "Resurrection".
    • The way Ethan treats Vanessa during "Possession", calling her "my dear Miss Ives" and prioritizing her welfare over Malcolm's manipulations and monetary hold over him.
  • Malcolm assuring Victor he not only values him for his medical knowledge, but doesn't value Ethan over Victor just because Ethan is the athletic, powerful type that is, in Victor's opinion, more use to Malcolm.
    Malcolm: Mr. Chandler is nothing to me. He is a finger on a trigger. You are not.
  • Caliban finding a friend, and a home in the theater, against all odds.
    • The sheer joy he takes in carrying out his backstage tasks in episode 4, and how he and Brand have fun howling during the werewolf play.
  • The depiction of Vanessa and Mina's friendship (as well as their sibling-esque affection for Peter) in "Closer than Sisters".
  • Vanessa modeling an evening gown for Malcolm, readying herself for a night out with Dorian. It's the happiest we've seen either of them in the present-day.
  • Ethan caring for a dying Brona, refusing to abandon her in spite of her contagion, and confessing his love for her.
  • The sole light-hearted moment in "Possession", where Victor asks Ethan to teach him to shoot. While Victor has a rough start, Ethan is patient with him, and later shows off his sharpshooting skills to Victor's glee.
  • Both Ethan and Victor staying in the Murray estate for an indeterminable amount of time to care for Vanessa during her ordeal, despite the fact that both of them have other things they need to take care of. And given their disdain for Sir Malcolm, it's clear neither of them are staying for his money.
  • Takes a swerve into Tear Jerker at the end, but Malcolm finally taking down the Nile maps from the study and talking light-heartedly with Vanessa about getting a Christmas tree and letting "the boys" (Ethan and Victor, presumably) decorate it is a lovely moment.
  • The look on Caliban's face when he first sees Brona, his intended mate is sweet. Less sweet is how and why Brona is lying on Victor's lab table.
  • When Caliban is leaving the theatre, he thanks Vincent for his kindness and tentatively holds his hand out for an handshake. Vincent stare at the outstretched hand for a moment, then hugs him instead.
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