Heartwarming / Pantera

  • To Absent Friends: Darrell's funeral was this, as it was attended by everyone from longtime friend Zakk Wylde to one of Darrell's heroes, Eddie Van Halen, most of whom related road stories or just tales of some of the hijinks Darrell was prone to. Eddie actually scored a Crowning Moment of Awesome and Crowning Moment of Heartwarming in one go with his story. Earlier in the year, Eddie and Charvel Guitars had made plans to produce a limited-series edition of "Frankenstein" guitars like Eddie's famous red with black-and-white stripes model(though Darrell liked the less-famous black guitar with white-and-yellow stripes that's on the back cover of Van Halen II more), with the gimmick being that Eddie would tape each guitar himself in unique patterns, and there would also be a photo of him doing so included with each instrument. Eddie revealed that Darrell had somehow found out about this before it became common knowledge, and called Eddie up asking for one of the guitars. Eddie replied by saying that the next time they got together, he would have a guitar with him, and would tape it as Darrell watched. Unfortunately, Darrell was murdered before they could meet up. Eddie, however, decided on a unique way of honoring Darrell's memory, and after relating this story, brought out the actual black Frankenstein and laid it in the casket with Darrell's arms around it.