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Trivia: Pantera
  • Creator Breakdown: The Great Southern Trendkill was recorded during a time of tension within Pantera. Philip Anselmo had started distancing himself from his bandmates and was using heroin to deal with his chronic back pain. When recording the album Anselmo recorded his vocal tracks at a studio (owned by Trent Reznor) in New Orleans while the rest of the band recorded their parts in Dallas. These tensions can be heard on the album; which uses overdubs to give some songs a "demonic" sounds. There are also no less than 3 songs about drug abuse.
  • Dye Hard: Kind of; Darrell's long goatee that he usually dyed crimson.
  • Fatal Method Acting: Dimebag's last show with Damageplan. See the entry on the Music tab for details.
  • Old Shame: The first four albums mentioned above(though they do have their fans), for both the fans and the band themselves. For some fans, anyways, it falls under Fanon Discontinuity. Anselmo's first album, Power Metal, was later dismissed by him as "immature":
    "I sang on over half the record and I'd only been in the band a month. It should never have been released."
    • Interestingly, Anselmo seems to have lightened up on Power Metal a bit - when asked about how he'd feel about a hypothetical reissue, he said he wouldn't be opposed, calling it "a pretty solid metal record all around in the vein of Judas Priest" and praising Dimebag's "brutal" guitar work on certain songs.
  • Short-Lived Big Impact: If you discount the band's 1980s material then Pantera was only around for slightly more than a decade. However, many modern metal bands (Machine Head, Devil Driver, Lamb Of God, Five Finger Death Punch, and countless others) cite Pantera as being a major influence on their music.
  • What Could Have Been: Despite the amount of Old Shame from the first three albums, Vinnie Paul and first singer Glaze had actually talked to each other about a possible one-off reunion show with the old lineup where they'd play that material in early 2004. The death of Dimebag negated any chances of that.
    • Also, the time when Dimebag was actually invited to join Megadeth just before they recorded their classic album Rust In Peace. He told Dave Mustaine he'd be happy to join, but that Dave would have to hire Vinnie as well. When Dave replied that he'd already hired drummer Nick Menza, Dimebag thanked him for the opportunity and turned him down.

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