Heartwarming / Non Non Biyori

Candy Store is best big sis

  • After Renge's breakdown when she learns Honoka had to leave the area in a hurry, she mulls around the house for a while. However, when Kazuho informs Renge that Honoka sent a letter, Renge lights up again and insists that she send a letter back right away.
  • Episode 10. Like, all of it. Baby Renge and Candy Store together are guaranteed to make you smile. Especially Baby Renge receiving her pigtails.
  • Renge becomes despondent after the tadpole shrimp die and she and the others bury them. When they later return to the school, Renge learns that Natsumi re-set up the aquarium in hopes that the shrimp laid some eggs, which proved to be correct. Renge's mood quickly improves, and she enthusiastically observes the new tadpole shrimp.
  • The last segment in episode 10 of Repeat, where Kaede watches over Renge as she learns how to ride a bike without training wheels, looks after her when she falls ill the next day, and closes the candy store later to really give her some help. Kaede really cares about Renge.
  • When Natsumi and Komari come home after running away, they try to sneak back in, only to be confronted by their mother. She looks like she's about to rip the sisters a new one, and reaches out her hands... and pets them, albeit roughly. She then tells them to get ready for dinner because she has to reheat it.