Funny: Non Non Biyori

  • Natsumi mentions that no one is stupid enough to fall through the floor. As she says this, it slow pans out revealing that Suguru has fell through the hole.
  • Komari being mistaken for a lost child in episode 5.
  • Renge and Komari getting locked in a rabbit cage by the escaped rabbit they were trying to trap.
  • The excuse for a school festival. The highlight of the event was Renge forcing Komari, in a tanuki costume, to do a skit which involved drumming on her belly.
  • Natsumi, Komari and Konomi making a voodoo doll out of a persimmon they were drying, and Hotaru receiving "him" as a gift.
  • In episode 11, the girls quietly placing their Heavy Sleeper teacher into the sleeping bag, upside-down with her feet sticking out, so that they could have the futons.
    • Komari and Natsumi's reaction to Hotaru's midnight solitary frolic in the snow. They came to the conclusion she was trying to contact aliens.
    • Natsumi's revelation, after "teaching" the rest to ski, that she had never been skiing before and was just repeating things she'd picked up on TV. Her information was basically accurate though.
  • During the test of courage event, in which Komari got assigned to be the scarer. While she was trying to set up the scare, Suguru comes along to take his test. Komari could hear his footsteps but, due to his lack of presence, failed to notice him until he left. She later discovered his coin and panicked because she thought it had been a real ghost. When Natsumi finally comes along, Komari had gotten herself entangled in the Bedsheet Ghost costume and was frantically waving around the shrine's bell to get rid of evil spirits.