Heartwarming / Nodwick

  • The second part of A World Without Piffany is full of Heartwarming moments. Nodwick is seeking escape from a parallel universe where Piffany was never born, and the dark god Baphuma'al has conquered the world. Along the way out, his every act leaves some kind of bright spot or restored hope behind, from restoring the slain henchmen to life, getting a pair of powerful artifacts into the hands of the resistance against Baphuma'al, and even just showing that you can resist even in a world where the bad guy has won. And then Nodwick gladly goes through a painful and potentially lethal mind-reading process to show how important it is that Piffany keep adventuring. The party's reunion is just icing on the cake.
    The Resurrected Henchmen: "246! 246!"
  • On the absolute last page of the last issue, Piffany, who no longer can cause reality to be rewritten by kissing someone, kisses Nodwick, purely because she wants to.