Heartwarming / *NSYNC

  • In MTV's behind the scenes special on the making of Justin's first solo album, he's clearly nervous and beating himself up over how his first solo performance went. Joey is clearly not having any of it.
    Joey: Hey hey hey! I don't want to hear any of that attitude, mister! You just performed and you did pretty damn good. I'm impressed!
  • Joey was the first one in the band Lance came out to, and Britney was the first one outside the band and his family that he came out to. (She had been dealing with the fallout of her ill-fated first marriage in Las Vegas, so he came out to her to take her mind off of things.)
  • Lance, Chris, and JC were in the audience at various times supporting Joey when he was on Dancing with the Stars. In turn, JC and Joey turned up to support Lance when he participated two seasons later.
  • Starting with the No Strings Attached Tour, they could have easily afforded 5 separate tour buses to travel in, but instead only divided into 2 buses, with Justin, Chris, and JC on one bus and Joey and Lance (and their menagerie of pets) on the other.
  • They celebrated Chris's 40th birthday by secretly arranging with his now-wife to hire a personal chef to prepare a surprise private birthday dinner at Chris's home just for the five of them. It's especially heartwarming since Justin admitted that they hadn't been in the same room since 2006 and they had stayed up all night just to talk. Joey and Lance then surprised Chris the next day with a birthday party in Miami.
  • When JC turned 40, they all got together with their friends and family for a small party. Justin gave a toast and posted this picture to his Instagram page.
  • Treading into tearjerker territory, the last time the group was together was for the memorial service of their long time vocal coach and arranger Robin Wiley, who was diagnosed with cancer in 2005 and sadly passed away the following year. Swinging right back to heartwarming, they tweeted a small shout-out to their old vocal coach on the night of their 2013 VMA reunion.
    "No one will ever be our Robin Wiley, but a big thank you to @therealraab for getting our vocals ready for the VMA"
  • Whenever they could, they would attend Justin's concerts as "Friends and Family".
  • After their VMA reunion performance, Justin rented out an entire Mexican restaurant just for them and their friends and family.
    • It was also Justin's idea to reunite them for the performance, especially since the general perception was that he abandoned them.
  • When Justin's 20/20 Experience tour landed in Orlando, he went golfing with Chris before the show and made a shout out to him.
    • And at his Los Angeles concert, he saluted at Lance and his husband.
    • Chris and his wife are officially part of Justin's entourage and have been accompanying him on tour. Justin even dedicated a performance of "Gone" to Chris.
    • Chris and Joey attended Justin's concerts, and Joey even brought his daughter to a previous concert.
  • While on their PopOdyssey Tour, Joey caught pneumonia and was out of commission for a short while. During one of their concerts, Chris brought out a phone on stage and gave him a call, letting the fans shout out their well-wishes.
  • Lance and his fiancé spent their Christmas Day at Joey's house.
  • Justin surprised Britney on her own MTV special. The look of sheer shock and delight on their faces is adorable.
  • To the delight of both shippers and fans worried over inter-group relations, JC and Chris were reported to have spent Thanksgiving together back in 2004. The news came directly from Chris' mother via email correspondence with the moderator of a Chris/NSYNC based internet message board.
    "I guess you could tell them that the Chasez family and Chris's family had Thanksgiving together at Chris's house this year. It wasa [sic] great time. Chris and Josh definately [sic] enjoyed catching up on a few things, and spent a lot of time cutting up."
    • There were also several rumors of Chris, JC, and Justin spending the 4th of July together the following year.
  • When Lance released his first solo single, JC was the first to lend his support on Twitter and at the release party. In turn, Lance lent his support to JC's Girl Radical project.
    • Lance, JC, and Chris have tweeted their support for Joey's new hosting gig, Rewrapped on Food Network.
  • When it was announced that JC would play Pontius Pilate on the revived arena tour of Jesus Christ Superstar, he commented that after calling the others about the project, they had encouraged him to take on it.
  • They were apparently very supportive of the Backstreet Boys when AJ announced he was entering rehab. According to a fan reports from the 2001 Teen Choice Awards, which took place shortly after AJ's announcement, the guys were seen offering hugs and reassurances to Nick, the only Backstreet Boy in attendance.
  • In the "Making The Video" of "Pop", Joey was still in bad shape over his leg injury but still made it out to the video set on the second day. The boys actually held up the filming that day until Joey arrived. Justin's seen happily hugging him while pretending to cry.
  • At one of Justin's concerts, Joey suddenly pops up on stage and dances with Justin's band. Justin was completely oblivious until he turned around. (It then becomes funnier when Joey admitted to being a bit tipsy at the time and did it on a dare from Justin's best friend Trace.)
  • When the actor playing Jesus tweeted out his disappointment at the premature cancellation of the Jesus Christ Superstar tour and that he and JC were going to drown their sorrows, Lance offered bring Joey with him and join them in commiseration.
  • At Lance's wedding, JC sang the first song for Lance and his husband's first dance.
    • Except for Justin, who was on tour, Joey and Chris were also in attendance.
  • The official account tweeted this after Justin announced the birth of his son.
  • During their No Strings Attached tour, one of their tour stops was in San Diego and just happened to be Britney's birthday and she was in attendance. So they brought her out on stage and Justin asked the audience to join him in singing "Happy Birthday" to her.