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Heartwarming: Mega Man Megamix
  • Chapter three, "Metal Heart", at the end where it's revealed that Dr. Light rebuilt the Mother Computer and her "son" as a park control computer, allowing mother and son to be together forever.
  • The scene of Skull Man's funeral, after being accepted as a member of Cossack's family.
  • Gigamix 3 is one huge Crowning Moment of Heartwarming. But in particular...
    • Star Man laughing in boundless glee as he rides the Skull Satellite (carrying the few Robot Masters that will battle the Stardroids) into outer space. Even more endearing: the rest of the Fifth Numbers, on the ground, looking up at the rocket trail with undisguised pride and affection for their brother.
    • The Light Numbers and all the Wily Numbers helping repair each other like a huge gathering of friends instead of bitter enemies.
    • Cut Man sacrificing himself to save Rock, and his robot soul giving the latter the final impetus to overcome his Heroic BSOD.
    • Pluto calls the hallucination of Skull Man a monster, to which Ring Man responds by punching Pluto through the gut hard enough to destroy him. "He's not a MONSTER! He' BROTHER!"
    • Wily and Light collaborating to fix Rock, and Light later reminiscing wistfully about his old college days with Albert.
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