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Awesome: Mega Man Megamix
  • In the first chapter, Mega Man's first battle and subsequent defeat of Cut Man... and then going on to defeat his other brothers and make his way to stop Dr. Wily.
  • And then, said brothers showing up, their original programming restored, and saving his butt from Wily and the Yellow Devil.
  • In chapter 2, Mega Man defeating Quick Man in battle and then going on to stop Wily's plan.
  • Roll telling Wily to get his own water - and he'd given her a direct order. She seems almost insulted that he thinks it'd be that easy. In a universe with the three laws.
  • Blues gets several: it says something that a Curb-Stomp Battle against the six robot masters from the first game is a minor one that's given half a page.
  • One has to go out to Cut Man in the battle with Copy Mega Man. His arms are disabled, and the opponent has proven himself capable of effortlessly taking out everyone of them. His response? Attack again gripping the Rolling Cutter in his mouth.
  • Quick Man gets a Chekhov's Gun-flavored one against the 'White Giant' in Vol. 2. It's not apparent at first, but several dozen pages later the single nick he manages against it proves to be the opening Rock exploits to destroy it.
  • Cut Man gets another one near the end of Gigamix Vol. 2, summed up by four words: Rush Adapter Cut Man.
  • The climax to Gigamix vol. 3 is best summed up in three words:
    I'm Mega Man.
  • Ring Man gets one in the Stardroids storyline, when he gets a Heroic Second Wind and delivers an epic Curb-Stomp Battle to Pluto.

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