Heartwarming / Manhattan


  • Crosley, who had been the most flippant about Sid Liao's death of anyone on Winter's team, writing a touching letter to Sid's wife about how much he admired him. Averted when the military censors remove it from the mail and put it in a locked file cabinet
  • Although bittersweet in light of what we now know, the kind nurse telling young Frank Winter he can relax, and that the armistice has just been signed and that there won't be another war is a nice scene to watch. The look on Frank's face though suggests he doesn't buy it. He was right.
  • Jeanie, the girl Fritz has "hooked up with" gave him PB&J sandwiches instead of simply demanding her $2.50 as she would've had every right to do.
  • After accidentally inhaling plutonium Fritz is terrified about what Frank will do to him. Frank's only reaction is concern for Fritz's welfare, and anger at how little the doctors treating him know. But still, somewhat averted later when he snarls to Fritz afterward that he will handle the plutonium.
  • Helen and Charlie both treat Theodore Sinclair with the respect due his academic achievements, and she promises to get Frank to have him transferred to Los Alamos if possible, although the latter is harshly averted later as she throws out the letter he wrote to Frank.
  • Frank Winter helps the maid gain closure after her brother dies, by bringing her and her family to the sacred grounds where they can conduct the necessary final rites.
  • In "The Second Coming", Babbit gets the polygraph official to "reconsider" Liza Winter's security clearance. He does.note