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Funny: Manhattan


  • In "The Hive", the women not so subtly ogling the male car washers, and in at least one case, the soldier washing a car uses a line of double entendre:
    Soldier: Excuse me, ma'am. Would you mind looking under my hood?
  • In "Last Reasoning of Kings",
    Niels Bohr: When soldiers lose morale, they get pinup girls. You [scientists] get a tired old man with a pipe.
    • Also, the repeated snark about Bohr as "God" and how even high officials at Los Alamos become very nervous and deferential when waiting on Bohr.
  • In "A New Approach to Nuclear Cosmology",
    Helen: Then consider this an early birthday present. (Brings Fritz to the window, points at a woman) The one with the bob, she charges by the minute. That's a good deal if you're a quick draw and you like short hair.
    Fritz: Wait, you want me to sleep with a... they're all whores?
    Helen: They're capitalists. It's basic economics. Supply and demand.
    Fritz: I took econ at Cornell. This definitely wasn't on the syllabus.
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