Funny / Manhattan


  • In "The Hive", the women not so subtly ogling the male car washers, and in at least one case, the soldier washing a car uses a line of double entendre:
    Soldier: Excuse me, ma'am. Would you mind looking under my hood?
  • In "Last Reasoning of Kings",
    Niels Bohr: When soldiers lose morale, they get pinup girls. You [scientists] get a tired old man with a pipe.
    • Also, the repeated snark about Bohr as "God" and how even high officials at Los Alamos become very nervous and deferential when waiting on Bohr.
  • In "A New Approach to Nuclear Cosmology",
    Helen: Then consider this an early birthday present. (Brings Fritz to the window, points at a woman) The one with the bob, she charges by the minute. That's a good deal if you're a quick draw and you like short hair.
    Fritz: Wait, you want me to sleep with a... they're all whores?
    Helen: They're capitalists. It's basic economics. Supply and demand.
    Fritz: I took econ at Cornell. This definitely wasn't on the syllabus.
  • In "Acceptable Limits",
    • Fritz thinking he's being dinged $2.50 for a PB&J sandwich.
    • Helen having some fun at Charlie Isaacs's expense when they travel to Tennessee under assumed names, claiming to be husband and wife:
    Helen: Oh, actually, I've been supporting Billy since his hunting accident. It doesn't matter to me that he can't hold down a job... ( whispers ) or have children.
    • Fritz moaning about the lost plutonium he has to recover:
    Fritz: Frank is going to kill me. Or worse.
    • Crosley and Meeks ribbing Fritz:
    Crosley: So you're paying her not to have sex with you?
    Meeks: {nearly bursts out laughing)
    Crosley: Fritz, you do know most women would probably do that for free?
    • After navigating the bureaucracy from hell, Frank Winter discovers the project's "Radiation Officer" is the doctor he dressed down earlier for not knowing anything about the effect of radioactive isotopes on the human body.
  • In "The New World",
    • Abby Isaacs is talking to her neighbor, Elodie and has discovered she's been faking her orgasms:
    Elodie: Only get to the top of that hill climbing alone. (turns around, putting shirt on) Maybe you can help me.
    Abby: (flustered) I don't...
    Elodie: (laughs gently) The button.
  • In "The Second Coming",
    • Hogarth hitting on the waitress as he asks for a bottle of wine, and then making it obvious to Frank Winter and Paul Crosley he'd like to sleep with her. The comic looks of disbelief on their faces just sell it.