Heartwarming / Making Money

  • When Mr. Fusspot inherits Wuffles' role.
    • Also on a related note: When Cosmo reveals that Vetinari visits Wuffles' grave once a week and lays a single dog biscuit on it.
    • But never the yellow ones, because he didn't like the yellow ones.
  • When Adora learns that Moist doesn't do dangerous stunts when she's around because she's all the excitement he needs, she demands that he give her a kiss.
  • Oddly enough, when Cosmo wakes up in the Vetinari Ward of the psych hospital. For the entire book, he had walked a strange line between a brutal and resourceful villain and...well, a Vetinari fanboy. He even bought a complex clockwork device that would do nothing but raise one eyebrow for him. You can't help but feel a bit good when he's shown to be content with his accommodations, now that he's completely fallen into his Vetinari fantasy. This line in particular:
    "Cosmo beamed. And two weeks later, when he won the eyebrow-raising competition, he was happier than he'd ever been before."
  • When we learn that Hubert bawled all through Topsy's funeral.
  • Miss Drapes' affection for Mr. Bent finally paying off, she takes care of him following his Sanity Slippage and they eventually marry when he recovers.
    • When Mr Bent announces his engagement, his employees, despite being afraid of him for most of their career, hoist him up onto their shoulders.