Awesome / Making Money

  • Vetinari's awesomeness is acknowledged in-story:
    "I do believe it is pineapple."
    There was a thunder of applause. There had to be; even if you hated Vetinari, you had to admire the timing.
  • Moist's interview with Sacharissa.
  • When Moist first starts clashing with the Lavishes, Colon asks Nobby about his betting odds, and it turns out Nobby hasn't managed to set up a book for a change. Everybody thinks it's foregone that Moist will win. Against one of the city's wealthiest and nastiest families.
  • The impromptu auction of Pucci Lavish's one Dollar Bill.
  • Moist controlling the the Four-Thousand Golem Army of Um.
    • The buildup is pretty awesome, too. Truly, the Wham Line that spells out exactly what is going to happen is a masterpiece in and of itself, since it's delivered so innocently. Specifically, Miss Dearheart has four gold golems traveling to Ankh-Morpork, and Flead has been double-checking the translation of the word "gold."
      Flead: There are more than one hundred and twenty things it can mean, but in this case, taken in conjunction with the rest of the paragraph, it means 'a thousand'.
  • Everything Moist did at the trial, from confessing everything about his past to taking a Pie in the Face for Havelock Vetinari.
  • Amoral Attorney Mr. Slant repeatedly cowing the Lavish family lawyers with his Death Glare (Literally. He's a zombie) at Moist von Lipwig's trial.
    Mr. Slant did not, despite what had been said, have the respect of Ankh-Morpork's legal profession. He commanded its fear. Death had not diminished his encyclopedic memory, his guile, his talent for corkscrew reasoning, or the vitriol of his stare. Do not cross me this day, it advised the lawyers. Do not cross me, for if you do I will have the flesh from your very bones and the marrow therein. You know those leather-bound tomes you have on the wall behind your desk to impress your clients? I have read them all, and I wrote half of them. Do not try me. I am not in a good mood.