Heartwarming: Knights of the Dinner Table

  • At one point, due to his Dad banning him from playing Hack Master, Bob has to resort to various lies in order to join the Knights, at one point having to fake having a job because his Dad's watching him (see the Crowning Moment of Funny page). When it becomes clear that he's in danger of being caught, Brian and Dave come to his aid to make sure he can continue gaming.
    Brian: I think we owe you an apology, Bob. We've let you down! In the game we've always been a team - us against the world! But we've been letting you fight a lonely battle in your efforts to just make it to the game each week. Tonight that changes. From now on, we're going to face that challenge as a team!
  • When Bob, Dave, and Brian attend a Garycon when B.A. and Sara couldn't go, the trio pick up a present for B.A.: a copy of Dawg the Roleplaying Game, an Indy RPG B.A. produced some years ago which was destroyed by reviewers. The trio actually think it's a really good game, and want him to run a few sessions for them. Considering B.A. usually ends up the Butt Monkey of the Knight's antics, it's really nice to see them showing him some kindness and appreciation.
    • Bob mentions that they found it in a box of "crappy games" that one of the dealers was trying to unload cheap, but this appears to be cluelessness rather than a deliberate attempt to be insulting.
  • After Sara finds out that Troy's Boys just wanted her to provide a mixed-gender group bonus at an upcoming tournament, she walks out on them and decides to re-join the Knights. Bob and Dave start gleefully describing the humiliating initiation ceremony to let her back in... until Brian shouts them down and informs them that they'll either let Sara rejoin without any of that crap or else answer to him.
  • During Nitro's Steam Tunnel Foray of '99, Newt Forager (one of the Black Hands) gets lost in the tunnels, apparently ending up in the Muncie sewer system (he actually escaped after a few hours and was lounging around his apartment). When the rescue services decide to call off the search, believing it to be a hoax, Bob and Dave, with B.A., Sara and Brian as 'topside support', go into the steam tunnels to rescue him themselves. Of course it goes very badly (they get lost themselves for several days before surfacing in Hawg Waller's Bar), but give these two credit: that was an incredible thing to do for someone they barely knew.
  • Sara, for all the times she threatens him, trusts Dave enough to run her character when she's away for a session (a trust that was horribly misplaced, since Dave get said character killed).
  • When B.A. gets a hernia and has to have surgery, Bob, Dave, and Brian all visit him in the hospital. B.A. tells them how grateful he is for reminding him he has friends. This then turns into a Moment of Funny when they then make him run the weekly Hackmaster session for them from his hospital bed, but it’s a “D’awww” moment nevertheless.
  • In one strip, Brian bails from the game early, claiming he has a date. Bob and Dave immediately start making fun of him and accusing him of making up another Alexis. Sara stands up for Brian, eventually lying and saying she’s his date and he was too much of a gentleman to say so. Later, she asks him if he really has a date. He sadly says no, and that he’s actually going to a Spice Girls concert and was afraid they would make fun of him for it. It then turns out Sara is also Spice Girls fan, and they go to the concert together. This is also notable for being one of Brian’s biggest Woobie moments.
  • When Dave is running a magic-user, Brian starts tutoring him. This is seemingly averted when it turns out Dave is paying him $20 a session. It finally becomes a major-league CMOH when it is revealed that Brian was using the money to buy Dave his own set of several out-of-print HackMaster books that address spell-lobbing. Brian asks him to keep it a secret, because he has a reputation to maintain. This also cements Brian’s position as a true Jerk with a Heart of Gold.
  • B.A.’s dates with Patty are just plain Adorkable.