Heartwarming / Knight and Day

  • Roy using a little toy knight to put the battery in - it reminds him that he used to be Matthew Knight, once upon a time.
  • June wakes up in her own bed after the plane crash, only to find that Roy has not only left thoughtful little notes around the place ('I enjoyed meeting you'; 'Eat a good breakfast'), but has also set the table, made her an omelette, put an aspirin and a glass of water by her bedside, and tucked her into bed and hung up the shirt she had on, without compromising her modesty.
  • Roy not just protecting, but actually taking care of Simon; being patient with his idiosyncrasies, keeping him calm and engaged. Roy even gives him a little Hall & Oates badge when he notices Simon likes their songs. (On the other hand, it's probably got a tracker in it...)
  • Roy monitoring his folks' place round the clock to make sure they're safe. Also, Roy's parents keep winning the lottery and getting free stuff; looks like Roy is providing for them even though he can't let them know he's still alive.
    • And at the end, the Stinger shows they've "won" plane tickets to Cape Horn - that is, where June and Roy are now... They're both in for the best surprise of their life - their son is alive and happy!
  • At the climax, Roy breaking cover and striding over to kiss a truth-serum-addled June and assure her that he's happy she came to Seville to find him.