Funny / Knight and Day

  • Roy tries an arcade shoot 'em up game while waiting for his flight; he's hilariously terrible at it, and dies very quickly.
  • June psyching herself up in the bathroom ('It's not your first rodeo, woman'), while Roy gets jumped by every other person on the plane, including the pilots, the instant she's out of view.
    • [A mook hurls a knife at Roy, who barely manages to rip a seat up and get behind it in time]
      Roy: [disappointed expression] Not cool. [rips knife out of seat cushion and hurls it into the mook's chest].
  • June begins laughing hysterically when Roy comes clean about the pilots being dead.
    Roy: Really, I'm relieved you're taking this so well.
  • Roy dropping in on June as she tries to drive the FBI car from the backseat, seeing as she's once again the only living person in the vehicle...
    Roy: [on the windscreen, grinning widely, makes a-ok sign] That's a beautiful dress, by the way!
  • Roy tracking June into the restaurant. He strikes up a conversation with Rodney and in thirty seconds they're getting along like a house on fire, despite June trying to signal to Rodney that this is the guy who killed everyone on the plane.
    • Also, Roy demanding pies for everyone while taking June hostage.
      Roy: [brandishing gun; deadly serious] Nobody follows us, or I kill myself and then her.
  • June: Next time, try, "June, if you get on this plane, you will fucking die!"
  • June panicking and breaking cover on 'one' instead of 'three'. Somehow, the ensuing hailstorm of bullets misses her entirely.
    Roy: [astounded] What number would you like?
  • Simon's first line. "I can't feel my face!"
  • Simon in general, helped by a heaping dose of Adorkableness.
  • The Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy taken Up to Eleven: Roy walks out from behind cover and crosses an open hallway, in full view of every shooter gunning for him, and they still don't hit him.
  • Roy being so completely calm during every action sequence, and never even raising his voice. His Dissonant Serenity alone probably contributes to at least some of June's hysterics.
  • After June has been given a truth serum, she blurts out to Roy that she wants to have sex. The shocked and somewhat incredulous look he gives her is GOLDEN. Made even better by the fact that they're in the middle of a firefight at the time.
  • During the warehouse shootout, Roy hands June a submachine gun for protection while he goes scouting. June waits nervously the whole time, and when he surprises her on his return, she screams for ten seconds straight, firing the gun the entire time in random directions and practically destroying the surrounding area. Two of the attacking mooks exchange glances with each other that scream "Seriously?" even through their balaclavas.