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Heartwarming: Killzone
  • In one scene, Captain Narville finds one of his men, Hooper, too tired and depressed from the war to eat with the other soldiers. It is then revealed to the player that Hooper has a little sister back on Vekta whom he cares for. After learning this, Narville promises Hooper that he would help him get back home to his sister, as long as Hooper remembers what he's fighting for.
  • Kellan and Echo warming up to each other over the latter half of Shadowfall is pretty heartwarming. Especially considering the ISA were partially responsible for destroying Echo's homeworld while Kellan witnessed his father being killed by the Helghast as a child, yet it doesn't stop them from working together to do what is right, proof if anything that it is possible for the Vektans and Helghast to co-exist peacefully.
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