Heartwarming / Kamen Rider Wizard

  • #1: Haruto forges a friendship with Rinko by giving her hope and saving her, quite literally, from being destroyed by despair. Given that Haruto's main role in the series is to bring hope, one can expect similar moments in the future.
  • #5: After finding out that Koyomi is actually dead and only surviving on Haruto's mana, Rinko and Shunpei tell her that they are both like her: Haruto saved them from the brink of despair also, and that she can rely on them both. Koyomi quietly remarks that they're both warm and that they can "suit themselves" in regards to helping her.
    • Prior to this, Koyomi tells the intended target Eisaku Takagi that he needs to live in the present, and that he's afraid of losing and tarnishing his previous status. During this, we see how she and Haruto met, with Koyomi calling herself a monster and losing hope. Haruto holds her hand and offers to bring her hope, just like Rinko and Shunpei.
  • #6: Manami asks why Haruto would save her, as she's just a con artist. Haruto repeats the question then giving an answer. Shortly thereafter, Manami looks down at a reflection of herself in water, shedding a tear.
    Wizard: Not saving you isn't an option for me. It doesn't matter if you're a con artist, it's the right thing for me to do.
  • #13: The reason the Gate of the two-parter didn't lose hope, even after his shop is consigned to be closed? Because he believed in his apprentice to carry on for him. He even goes out of his way to make sure the apprentice has a job available once the shop closes, and he tells Haruto that it's worth risking his life for.
    • After Koyomi comments on how the apprentice carrying on his boss's dream reminds her of Haruto, Haruto realizes just how important he is to Shunpei, and determines that he'd better do a good job of being a wizard then. On top of that, when Shunpei proves himself at the end of the episode, Haruto officially accepts Shunpei as his wizard's apprentice.
  • #14: The revelation that, every so often, Haruto takes Koyomi out on "dates" - not out of any romantic interest, but so that she can live like a normal girl even if only for a while. You can see the friendship that the two have developed, and it's really cute as well.
  • #16: Santa Claus himself gives Haruto a one-use ring to help the Victim of the Week.
  • #21: Phoenix sheds a tear, showing that although he is a phantom, he still has subtle traits of his humanity. Could it be?...
    • Despite all his bluster about their being rivals, Nitoh is genuinely worried about Haruto when Beelzebub beats him.
  • #24: You can probably tell the signs and what's going through Grandma Nitoh's mind when she puts two and two together and realizes that Beast eats Phantoms. Her offering herself to the Weretiger is either this or a tear jerker, but either way, it's obvious that she cares about her grandson enough to want to turn into a Phantom so he can eat her.
    • And later on, in #25, we actually see that there was some method behind her scolding, as from the beginning she wishes to protect Kosuke.
  • #25: After their first shared Henshin, Wizard steps aside and OFFERS the Phantom to Beast so he can get a real meal this time.
  • #27: Mayu using a memory of her sister to keep her hope alive.
  • #29: The group's attempts to help Nitoh. To wit: Koyomi actually gives up the Please Ring so Haruto could try to transfer mana to him. It doesn't work, but it's the thought that counts.
    • Haruto attempts again to enter Nitoh's underworld to save his life.
    • Prof. Nakamoto giving Nitoh the Hyper Ring and Mirage Magnum, after the youth reminds him why he became an archaeologist in the first place.
  • #30: Wizard takes a devastating hit for Beast.
    • Not much later, Dragon takes a fatal hit for Chimera (and Beast). Yes, you read that right. Dragon actually protected someone.
      • Even more importantly, there was no Pragmatic Villainy reason for Dragon to do so; if Legion had won, he'd likely have been freed.
    • Haruto putting on a show for a little girl, to help her older brother. And speaking of the brother, he really cares for his little sister, buying her flowers later on.
  • #31: Several.
    • Haruto's interactions with the siblings again, where it is revealed that the little girl is going to have a big surgery, and that's why the older brother was so intent on making her smile. He actually thanks Haruto again for helping him and told him that his kindness was more important than his magic.
    • Nitoh, fighting his hardest and then some to try to destroy Legion. As he himself puts it: "It's my fault that Haruto's Dragon got destroyed. If I can't beat you, how can I ever face him again?"
    • Rinko and Shunpei proclaiming that even though they can't do much, that they're willing to help Haruto however they can.
    • Koyomi and Haruto's interaction just before Infinity Style's debut. Their bond of friendship is very strong indeed.
    • "I shall, once again, become your hope!" - a resurrected Dragon, to Haruto
    • When Rinko smiles after seeing Haurto turn into Infinity Style counts.
  • #39: Haruto finally finding closure with his old friend.
  • #46: Fueki thanking Haruto for helping Koyomi up til now is kinda sweet, even if he was a bit of a jerk a while back... A shame he burns that all up in #47.
  • #49: After Nitoh's Heroic Sacrifice and the destruction of his Driver, Chimera shows up and reveals his true nature as a Noble Demon by freeing Nitoh of his obligation to consume Phantoms, going so far as to thank Nitoh for 'amusing him so much'.
  • #53: Even in an AR world, Haruto and Koyomi still shares a strong companionship.
    • The Kamen Riders reveal they didn't help the kids who summoned them because they obey their summoners, but because it was the kids needed their help.
    • Wizard explaining to Gaim what it means to be a Rider.
    Gaim: Kamen Rider?
    Wizard: It's the name of warriors who protect freedom. When someone comes for help, a Rider will always come running.
    Gaim: Well... I did hear a cry for help.
    Wizard: I'm the same. I always go to help. That's why... you're also a Kamen Rider.
    Gaim: Huh... Well, then I'm Kamen Rider Gaim. Right?
  • Gaim & Wizard: The Fateful Sengoku Movie Battle: The Wizard portion's villain, Ogre, steals the Hope Ring and uses it to make an Evil Knockoff of Koyomi, all in an attempt to drive Haruto into despair. How does he defeat the person who meant so much to him? By not fighting, but hugging her tightly and saying that Koyomi helped him just as much as he helped her, since the knowledge that he wasn't the only survivor of the Sabbath was what gave him the strength to carry on afterwards. He further says that no matter what form Koyomi takes, she will always be important to him. This causes Evil!Koyomi to say "thank you" before she breaks down into the Hope Ring again.
    • The final battle between Haruto and Ogre takes place in Haruto's Underworld, where they transition between several of his memories of Koyomi, showing just how important she really was to him. Add to this Haruto's Shut Up, Hannibal! speech where he tells Ogre that as long as he has those memories, he'll never give up hope, and performs his Finishing Move surrounded by images of Koyomi's smiling face.
    • After months of (off-camera) searching for a place to hide the Hope Ring, Haruto finally finds the perfect place: in his own Underworld, where he entrusts it to the version of Koyomi that exists in his memories. She smiles and says that it must be important, and promises she'll keep it safe no matter what.
    • Nitoh gets a wide-spread one in this film, with him going above and beyond to try and spare Haruto the pain of having to fight Evil!Koyomi. He even willingly dons the Beast Driver again, even if it meant re-starting the potentially fatal contract with Chimera, because he considers it preferable to Haruto having to "kill" the person who meant so much to him.
    • Haruto pays him back with Heartwarming a moment later, too; when Nitoh gets absorbed/kidnapped, Wizard chases the monster into another world, one he knows nothing about, to get his friend back.