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Heartwarming: Justin Bieber
  • The song "Pray" definitely qualifies.
  • After accepting his award for winning Artist of the Year at the American Music Awards, he specially dedicated his award to Usher, the man who signed his record deal, calling him his "friend, mentor and big brother" and sharing his award with him onstage. Cue the two hugging and audience the applauding. Awww.
  • When he found out Selena Gomez was in the hospital, he dropped what he was doing and went to be with her. Say what you want about his songs, but the kid got heart.
  • On a Valentine's Day, Justin Bieber spent the entire day with six-year old Avalanna Routh, who is a mega-fan of Bieber's, and has suffered from AT/RT (brain cancer) since she was a baby. Bieber says that it was "one of the best things I have ever done". Repeating what has already been said: say whatever you want about Justin's songs, but he has a genuine heart of gold.
  • This video.
  • About a day after the infamous mop bucket incident, he calls Bill Clinton to apologise for swearing his name. Bill actually accepts the apology and gives him advice.
    If it's the worst thing you ever done, all is good.

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