Heartwarming / Jonathan Coulton

  • "First of May," although hilarious, is also a genuinely hopeful, sunshiney song. It is kind of about new starts and people sharing beautiful days together... by having a whole lot of sex.
  • Given the general reaction to Tom Cruise as a person these days, "Tom Cruise Crazy" is remarkably touching.
  • "You Ruined Everything," which, despite the bitter-sounding title, was written for Coulton's daughter, and is about becoming a first-time parent and all the apprehension—and love—that comes with it.
    You ruined everything in the nicest way.
  • "I'm Your Moon". For those who haven't heard the song, it is basically about Charon comforting Pluto about being demoted to a dwarf planet and saying that even though the world may think Pluto is not special, Charon thinks that Pluto is indeed special and it matters to it.
  • "My Beige Bear," a song about a dearly beloved teddy bear and all the other toys in his world. It's pure childlike sweetness. Especially with regards to the song's "antagonist," Indigo Monkey.
    Beige Bear says that some monkeys might just be lonely
    Beige Bear says that no monkey wants to be bad
    Beige Bear thinks that some monkeys misbehave only
    Because they're sad...
  • While the song "Good Morning Tucson" is about a newscaster who either causes the apocalypse or goes mad, the video is a light-hearted edit of Coulton's family vacation clips. And has nothing to do with the song.
  • "The Princess Who Saved Herself," while silly, is pure Sweet Dreams Fuel.
  • "You Wouldn't Know," where GLaDOS refers to Batman, Gandalf, and Wyldstyle as her friends.