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Funny: Jonathan Coulton
  • "First of May". Full stop.
  • "I'm not a monster Tom...well, technically I am... I guess I am!"
  • "And he knows someday, he'll have to play/an old retarded grampa...
  • "Creepy Doll": Now itís late and you head downstairs/íCause you just canít sleep so you make some tea/And the doll disapprovingly asks if you really need that much honey....
    • And then all the YouTube users started commenting on how "no doll tells me how I make my tea".
  • The second verse of "Skullcrusher Mountain". Yes, the one about the half-pony, half-monkey monster.
    • Don't forget "I see you've met my assistant, Scarface".
  • At his "Best. Concert. Ever." show, Jonathan performed a version of "Mr. Fancy Pants". In place of the normal guitar solo, he began playing disjointed audio bytes from the song over a base line. Depending on the listener, it's either annoying or hilarious to here him say the word "Pants" over and over again...and then he plays them so that they form a coherent statement: "Chances are you're/best in/everybody's/pants!" The entire audience erupted into laughter.
    • Also, he later improved his skills with the Zendrum to the point where he ended up Rickrolling people... and then when that started to become more well-known he switched it up to "Single Ladies."
      • And, as of recent shows, has been incorporating the Super Mario Bros. theme. And even more recently, he's been using said theme as a transition to his next song..."Want You Gone", from Portal 2.
  • His cover of "Baby Got Back". Mostly because of the genre he chose to cover it with. Think 1960s acoustic folk-rock.
  • In "the future soon": She would look the same/ except for bionic eyes/ she lost the real ones in the robot war. /I'll say "i'm sorry" and she'll say "it's not your fault" "or is it"
  • Which means Judah the Hammer... Judah the Hammer...

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