Heartwarming: Iron Chef

  • Sakai and Chen's tearful hug after Sakai won the King of Iron Chefs tournament.
  • Michiba finally giving Morimoto his seal of approval before the first Morimoto / Flay battle also ranks up there.
  • Kandagawa shaving his head, defeating then-champion Sakai in Battle Red Snapper with perfect scores, and crying while being presented a medal from one of the judges (an Olympic judo champion) was positively amazing.
  • Morimoto meeting his biggest fan during the New York Battle: a six year-old boy dressed just like him. He even gave him his chef's hat at the end of the battle.
  • Sakai's match (Battle Black Pork) against an old school buddy from Kagoshima — until he walked into Kitchen Stadium on the day of the taping, Sakai hadn't seen him in decades, and they rushed to shake hands even before the theme ingredient was announced.
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