Heartwarming: I Shall Wear Midnight

  • Tiffany's final conversation with the Baron. Doubles as a Tear Jerker, since it was apparently based on a conversation Terry Pratchett had with his dying father who did not die in a moment like that.
    • Make that one part Heartwarming and two parts Tear Jerker following his own death.
  • Preston noticing that Tiffany's been running for days on little more than a nap and a snack.
    'So who watches the witches? Who cares for the people who care for the people? Right now, it looks like it needs to be me.
  • Nanny Ogg removing the awkwardness in the funeral through the power of song. No, really. Yes, that Nanny Ogg.
  • "What is the sound of love?" "Listen."
  • Really, all of Preston and Tiffany's romance, as well as the implication that they get married.
  • Roland standing up to the Duchess (doubles as a CMOA)
  • Tiffany's gift to the Baron.
  • When Tiffany was telling her father the fate of a woman who died alone in a house with her cats - when describing how one had had kittens in the same bed as the dead body and it was hard to find them good homes it was saddening. Then she describes them as having "Such lovely blue eyes". She was talking about You, turning it into something lovely.